7 Tips to Make the Hairstyle Last Longer

Hairstylist teaches you simple tricks to keep the look for longer and avoid that at the end of an event, your look is totally different

When a woman makes a hairstyle, whether for the day-to-day, a working meeting, to a night out, go to a party or event, the biggest concern is to make the hairstyle last and not be melted away before the end of the appointment. But not always this happens. It is very common for the hair to become detached and end up spoiling the visual.

7 Tips to Make the Hairstyle Last Longer 1

To prevent this from happening, some care is required. Simple tricks can help make the hairstyle last longer, leaving women more tranquil and secure, with the assurance that the hair that took so long to be produced will only be broken after she has already arrived home.

The hairstylist Viviane Siqueira, salon Pierre Louis Coiffeur, in Rio de Janeiro, teaches a few tricks that will surely help. Check out:

How to make the hairstyle last longer?

1 – Spray volume: At the beginning, before you start, spray spray volume direct in the dried root to ensure the support! He will raise up the wires and give charm, in addition, to prevent that look very static, type “ballerina”, attached to the head.

2 – Spray setting: While you are doing the hairstyle, go by applying a spray fixation light to go modeling, and leaving hair in the shape desired. This spray should be light, otherwise the hair will be no movement.

7 Tips to Make the Hairstyle Last Longer 2

3 – Flexible: Learn to strategically place the rubber band or staple is the first step for the hairstyle last longer! In the case of the clamps, put them on cross ensures a support more effective.

4 – general Rule: After all the hair stuck, there is a general rule to make the hairstyle last, and the secret is nothing more and nothing less than the spray. But attention: there is no spray that will sustain a hair that is not previously very well stuck with elastic, hairpins and a mini grampinhos.

5 – Type of spray: There are several types of spray: ultra attachment, light, moderate, to give brightness, volume… The woman should choose the right type according to the hairstyle and with the effect you want to achieve.

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7 Tips to Make the Hairstyle Last Longer 3

6 – Termination: On the completion of the hairstyle, it is the time to apply a spray of strong fixation to ensure that everything will be in place during the entire event. And in the end, play the shine spray. A good option are the sprays finalizers “2 in 1”, that are extra-strong and give shine.

7 – Kit survival: If you can, take in the bag a rubber band and some clips extras, depending on your hairstyle, because they can help in time of an emergency.

In addition, we suggest also to choose a hairstyle according to the situation. For example, if you’re going to dance a lot and move a lot, the ideal is to make a hairstyle well tight and steady so as not to spoil during the party. On the other hand, if the event is more quiet and if you have the habit of taking good care not to knock too much hand in the hair, a hair loose with waves of diva may very well last all night. The important thing is to choose well, follow the tips and be ready to care for the hairstyle during the party.