Alexandria, Kentucky

By | February 23, 2023

According to a2zcamerablog, Alexandria, Kentucky is a small town located in Campbell County, about 20 miles south of Cincinnati. The population is estimated to be around 6,000 people. Alexandria has a rich history that dates back to the late 1700s when it was originally known as “Crossing of the Licking” due to its location at the intersection of two major rivers. The town was later renamed Alexandria after Alexander Hamilton, who served as Secretary of Treasury in the early days of the United States government.

The town has always been known for its friendly atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle. People come from all over to enjoy Alexandria’s small-town charm and close proximity to Cincinnati. Alexandria is home to many small businesses, including restaurants, shops and services. There are also several parks in the area that offer outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and picnicking.

One of Alexandria’s main attractions is its annual Applefest celebration which takes place each fall on Main Street. This event features live music and entertainment, art shows, carnival rides and local vendors selling everything from homemade goods to food items like apple pies and cider donuts.

Another popular activity in Alexandria is visiting its historic sites like the Old Courthouse Museum where visitors can learn about the town’s past through interactive exhibits or take a tour through the old jailhouse cells. The Northern Kentucky Heritage Trail also passes through Alexandria with several points of interest including Thomas More College and St. Paul Church which dates back to 1793.

Alexandria is also home to several public schools such as Campbell County High School which offers students a variety of classes ranging from sciences and math to foreign languages and electives like band or theater arts. There are also private schools available for those looking for a more specialized education experience like St Joseph Catholic School or Immanuel Lutheran School both offer religious based learning opportunities for K-12 students within the community boundaries.

Overall, Alexandria is an inviting community with plenty of activities for all ages whether you are looking for some outdoor fun or educational experiences there will be something here that appeals to everyone! From its quaint downtown area filled with unique stores and eateries, beautiful parks alongside riverside trails it really has something special that draws people from all around.

History of Alexandria, Kentucky

The city of Alexandria, Kentucky is located in Campbell County and was founded in 1794. It is the county seat and was named after Alexander McKee, an early settler. The area surrounding Alexandria was originally inhabited by the Shawnee Indians.

The first settlers of the area were families from Pennsylvania who arrived in 1790. They founded a settlement known as “McKeesburg,” which would later become Alexandria. In 1794, the town was officially laid out and named after Alexander McKee, who had helped survey the land for settlement.

In 1839, the Kentucky Central Railroad reached Alexandria and provided a major economic boost to the town by allowing for easier transportation of goods to other areas around Kentucky. This also allowed for increased population growth as people began to move into the area for work opportunities provided by the railroad.

During its early days, Alexandria was known for its thriving agricultural economy with tobacco being one of its main exports. The town also became home to several businesses such as furniture makers, distilleries, and shoe factories throughout its history. By 1850, there were over 1,000 people living in Alexandria and it had become an important hub for trade within Campbell County.

In 1884, a fire destroyed much of downtown Alexandria but it quickly recovered due to financial help from local businesses and citizens who rallied together in support of rebuilding the town’s infrastructure and economy. During this same time period, electric streetcars were introduced in town which helped attract new residents and businesses to set up shop in Alexandria’s downtown area.

Alexandria continued to grow throughout the twentieth century due to its strong connection with nearby Cincinnati which provided access to jobs as well as educational opportunities at nearby universities such as Xavier University and University of Cincinnati. The city also developed a vibrant art scene during this time period with many artists moving into the area due to its close proximity to Cincinnati’s art district known as “Over-the-Rhine.”

Today Alexandria is home to over 8,500 people and remains an important part of Campbell County’s economy due to its thriving agricultural industry along with numerous small businesses that have set up shop here over time such as antique stores, restaurants, boutiques shops and more recently craft breweries that have opened up in recent years bringing more tourism into town each year.

Alexandria, Kentucky