Attractions in Alanya and Belek, Turkey

By | January 21, 2022


With almost eleven kilometers of fine sandy beaches, Alanya on the Turkish Riviera is a popular holiday destination for many tourists. In addition to Antalya and Side, it is one of the most popular places in Turkey with a variety of great beaches. Beautiful beaches are, for example, Cleopatra Beach, which is located in the west of Alanya, or Keykobat Beach in the east of the city. The subtropical climate and the picturesque location make Alanya a place for a beach holiday in summer or a winter health resort and the buildings from earlier times are also worth a visit.

According to Localbusinessexplorer, the city of Alanya lies at the foot of a mighty rocky promontory and a beautiful castle complex from the time of the Seljuk rule. The red defense tower (K? Z? L Kule), which watches over the port of Alanya and dates from the 13th century, is well known. It is an octagonal, 33 meter high tower and was commissioned by Alaeddin Kaykobad and built by Ebu Ali from 1225 to 1227 as the cornerstone of the Seljuq fortress. The tower was restored in 1948, inside was a small ethnographic museum. The view from the castle rock is great and boat trips are offered around the rock. Here you should definitely take a tour around the castle hill to the “Lovers’ Cave”. There is the “phosphorus cave”, which can have fluorescent water, or the “pirate cave”. According to stories, this was connected to the fortress by a corridor.

The shipyard (Tersane) is also worth seeing. An approximately 55 meter wide complex, built in 1227, which was built into a rock and used for theseahas open galleries 40 meters deep.

A museum tip is the Alanya Müzesi, the museum of Alanya. The exhibits include archaeological collections and very beautiful old carpets.
In Alanya there is a wide range of good restaurants, the delicious ice cream that can be bought everywhere is well known.

A popular destination is the Dimçay? Valley. A narrow river valley in the hinterland of Alanya. A trip to Dim Ma? Aras ?, one of the largest limestone caves in Turkey, is also recommended.


Another beautiful tourist place on the Turkish Riviera is Belek. This holiday region has only existed since the beginning of the 1990s, and the development of this area has been carefully planned. This place lives mainly from tourism and is located east of Antalya, more precisely between Antalya, which is about 30 minutes away, and Side, right on the coast and exactly on this coast you will find a beautiful, about 12 kilometers long sandy beach, which sometimes with fine, sometimes covered with coarse sand. The beach falls flat sea and there is a multitude of eucalyptus, pine or pine forests that naturally “border” this beach. Most of the holiday resorts are located here and of course almost every type of water sports is possible in Belek. The bathing season starts around the beginning of June and ends towards the end of October.

The climate is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, which is typical for the region around the Turkish Riviera. Summers are very dry in Midsummer the temperatures can easily reach over 30 degrees Celsius, the precipitation in the summer time is low, the winters, however, are humid but mild. In winter the water temperatures are around 16 ° C and in summer the water reaches around 26 ° C.

Belek is the so-called golf center of all of Turkey. Fans of this sport really get their money’s worth here, but a trial course is also possible. The travel time in early spring or mild winter is likely to be best suited for golf enthusiasts. Maybe you will meet on his vacation trip in Belek also on a well-known football player, because Belek is popular with various football clubs that do their training sessions here in winter.

The place is rather poor in terms of sights. Mainly interesting and worth seeing is the beautiful nature. First and foremost, Belek is suitable for a relaxing and beach holiday, especially for families. The nature reserve in the hinterland is worth seeing and you can take numerous excursions in the surrounding area and visit many remains in the form of historical buildings from bygone cultures and times. For example in the cities of Perge, Selge or Aspendos. There is also a lot to marvel at in Sillyon or Termessos. And of course Antalya is also a popular destination that can also be used for shopping and it also offers a variety of opportunities for leisure activities and things to see. And Side is also worth a day trip.

A specialty for Belek is that the Caretta turtles like to lay eggs there and some special bird species such as the Tyto Alba, a veiled owl and symbol of Belek at the same time, have settled here.

Belek, Turkey