Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda

By | October 12, 2021

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda together form a state. Antigua is more densely populated and offers many attractions.
One of the highlights of the capital St. John’s is the wonderful cathedral from 1845, which can also be visited. The city’s harbor offers a wonderful view of the sea and there is an open-air museum here, which shows the old warehouses and houses of Admiral Nelson.

By the way, Boggy Peak is one of the most popular sights and, as the highest mountain, a landmark of the islands. However, it measures only 402 meters, which shows how flat the islands are.

Antigua and Barbuda offers many options for sports enthusiasts. For divers, whether for beginners or advanced divers, it is interesting to get to know the underwater world. On the south coast of Antigua there is the Cades Reef, which has a length of four kilometers. The offshore coral reefs of Barbuda a real dream and the main attraction of the island.
Golf and tennis courts have been set up for sports enthusiasts on land.

Most of the people of Antigua and Barbuda live on the island of Antigua. Barbuda has only 1,500 residents and Redonda is completely unpopulated. In total, about 86,000 people live in Antigua and Barbuda. Visit for Antigua and Barbuda 365 beaches.

In general, it can be said that the economy in Antigua and Barbuda has developed well over the past few decades. The birth rate is also rising again, after previously falling sharply. Unfortunately, even today, medical care is still very poor, resulting in high infant mortality rates.

Although there are many and large limestone formations on Antigua, the island itself is of volcanic origin. The limestone formations are deposits of corals. Like Antigua, Barbuda is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred millions of years ago. The highest point on Barbuda is only 44.5 meters.

Antigua and Barbuda landmarks

Antigua and Barbuda are primarily ideal for beach holidaymakers, as there are a large number of different beautiful bays and beaches.
The island of Barbuda has miles of beaches and many reefs that invite divers to explore, but there is very little tourism here. Almost half of the island is part of a bird sanctuary. Mainly the island advertises with the tourists with 365 beaches and historical buildings to increase the number of visitors.

Antigua, on the other hand, has a little more to offer than just beaches for bathing holidaymakers or a fantastic underwater world for divers and other water sports enthusiasts.
Here you can z. B. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard. The Nelsons Dockyard are well known Georgian docks from the 18th century. Above all, the huge fortifications and mighty colonial buildings are reminiscent of the important time of British seafaring.

From here the famous admirals Horatio Nelson, Rodney and Hootd started their famous naval battles with their fleet. In Nelson’s Dockyard you can also visit a historic sea worth with huge stone pillars that used to belong to a boathouse. The warehouses, workshops and equipment stores were originally reconstructed in the 20th century.
Today you can find no more old ships in Nelson’s Dockyard, rather the most modern yachts from all over the world are lined up.

Shirley Heights is one of the historic buildings that housed the English generals. Today is celebrated here every Sunday. If you want to take part to celebrate high above English Habour, you have to leave a few dollars as entrance fee at the entrance, but get a free drink. It is very easy to endure here. From 4 p.m. there is live music and even a barbecue.

A visit to the capital of both islands can certainly be interesting. St. Johnis the largest city in the island state and was founded in 1632 by English colonists. The city is an export center for sugar, rum and cotton, as well as for the manufacture of handicrafts, fiber products, pottery and textiles. It is also interesting for tourism. The city also has some sights to offer that tourists can see.
There would be B. the ruins of Fort James, which was built in 1703, or the court palace from 1747. A visit to the Saint John’s Cathedral is certainly just as interesting. The white baroque building in St. John can be seen from afar. This cathedral was built in 1845. In the same place there were already two previous buildings that had been destroyed by earthquakes.
Other interesting sights of Antigua would be Half Moon Bay, Fig Palm Tree Drive, Devils Bridge or Fort Bay.

Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda