Attractions in Bodrum and Dalaman, Turkey

By | January 20, 2022


Opposite the Greek island of Kos, on the west coast of Turkey, Bodrum is located. A well-known seaside resort in the south of the Turkish Aegean coast with an incomparable charm, here comes the Mediterranean lifestyle. Bodrum is also called the “Turkish Saint Tropez”, no wonder, because the fine sandy beaches and rocky bays make the city and the surrounding area a popular place for water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Bodrum, with its white painted houses and promenades, is the are lined with palm trees, a popular photo opportunity.

According to Intershippingrates, Bodrum has an extremely mild climate, which makes the city a popular one holiday destination has made. In addition to the beautiful bathing bays, there are a variety of beautiful diving areas. The sheltered harbor, which is also used as a marina by cruise and liner ships, is a magnet for the Turkish city.

Bodrum was created on a site that is considered to be one of the seven wonder of the world became known that was in the 11th century BC at the ancient Halicarnassus site. It is the hometown of Herodotus, who lived from 485 – 425 BC and became known as the “father of historiography”. There are finds that show that Bodrum has a history of over 5,000 years.

In Bodrum you will find an extraordinary and at the same time fascinating museum of underwater archeology, it is also the largest museum of its kind with a very interesting exhibition that should not be missed when on holiday in Bodrum. Reconstructions and also original finds of wrecks from Yass? Anda, which is located a little west of Bodrum and also from Cape Gelidonya near Finike, are also exhibited there. The amphora exhibition is housed here, where you can find jugs and bowls from ancient times that were used to transport food, oil and wine.

You can see more about antiquity in the ancient theater, located northwest above the mausoleum, and from there you have a really nice panoramic view. The mausoleum used to be in the center of the city of Bodrum and is actually extremely worth seeing.

The glass wreck hall is also worth seeing. This is a Fatimid-Byzantine ship that sank in 1.025. Broken glass and raw glass were found inside. The shipwrecks from the Bronze Age are also a special attraction in this museum.

The Johanniterburg or Johanniterkastell is the symbol of the city of Bodrum, it is also known under the name of St. Peter’s Castle. The castle was started in 1406 by the Knights of the Knights of St. John and has five towers. These are symbols of the nationality of its residents and are still very well preserved.


Once upon a time, Dalaman was heavily influenced by agriculture and an extremely quiet place. Then Dalaman Airport was built, it was built near the mouth of the river, and it is less than seven kilometers to the city. From the airport in Dalaman there are numerous connections to various European destinations cities and Istanbul is also regularly served. Dalaman Airport has an important economic function for the Turkish city and is the most important connection to the outside world, besides shipping.

Dalaman is in the Aegean part of Turkey, on the Lycian coast and is one of twelve counties in the Mugla region. The city is also known for the paper industry. The Akköprü valley dam was built on the Dalaman river of the same name in 2008.

The small town on the Mediterranean has around 18,000 residents and is probably the only city in the world that has a train station building, but the associated rail connection is missing. This circumstance was caused by an accident. At the beginning of the 20th century, a Paris architecture firm confused two designs that were commissioned by Egyptian ruler Abbas Hilmi II. A hunting lodge was planned for Dalaman, which was then built on the private railway of the Khedive in Egypt due to this mix-up. The station was built on the ruler’s Turkish estate. He faced the facts, which was not really difficult for him as an enthusiastic hunter and at the same time railroad fan.

Dalaman has mountains and sea to offer and is therefore interesting for tourists who want to climb or hike, as well as for water sports and bathing enthusiasts and sights or relaxation are not neglected. Of course, summer is high season in Dalaman, but Dalaman is a year-round destination because of its Mediterranean climate.

The surrounding area also has a lot to see to offer. Many objects from bygone times, such as Kaunos, the ancient city with its Lycian tombs or the ruined city of Kerme are not far away and are worth a day trip. And also the tourist cities of Marmaris and Fethiye with their countless idyllic bays and the temple tomb of Amyntas. Dalyan is also one of them, it is a fishing village on a narrow bay in the north of Çe? Me and known for the best fishing restaurants in the region, which are grouped around the small marina. Of course, the areas around these tourist towns are also included the popular holiday areas and are not far from Dalaman. Dalaman is therefore ideal as a starting point for a variety of excursions.

Dalaman, Turkey