Attractions in London

By | April 8, 2021

Camden is a popular shopping destination as the area has not only plenty of shops but also a large market area.


Shopper’s London

London is a shopping elite. The shopper can choose between their favorite place, the hustle and bustle of department stores, the hustle and bustle of long shopping streets and the atmospheric market.

London’s famous department stores are a chapter in themselves. The Harrods department store in Knightsbridge, for example, is a classic and an attraction in itself. In the department store you can also enjoy a traditional five o’clock tea, which is a British tradition at its best. Harrods is well worth a visit at Christmas time, when a plethora of merchandise and a flood of decorations draw the most inexperienced shoppers speechless.

In addition to department stores, London’s shopping streets are also astounding with their selection. Probably the most famous shopping street is Oxford Street, along which are many famous shops and smaller boutiques selling stuff for every departure.

The fashion shopper’s paradise, on the other hand, is Bond Street. Along the street you will find Dior, Versace and Arman stores, but then the prices are higher.

Visit the London Market

As department stores and shopping streets start to get bored, it’s worth heading to London’s world-famous market, where you can buy just about anything from fresh vegetables to antiques. Well-known market areas include, for example, the personal Camden market and the market on Portobello Road.

The small shops and pubs on Portobello Road are worth stopping at more than just market days. The street is located in the Notting Hill area, known for the film of the same name, which manages to interest film lovers from year to year.

Culture, music and sports

London is home to some of the world’s most famous theaters, endless concert opportunities and Europe’s elite football teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.

The classic cultural experience of a London holiday is a musical evening. Several theaters perform musicals, and there is plenty of choice between performances in the area of ​​top musicals in the West End. There are performances based on such popular music as Mamma Mia! and We Will Rock You, as true classics in the industry, such as Victor Hugon’s The Miserable or Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Opera Ghost.

London black it

Just as the Statue of Liberty belongs to New York and the Eiffel Tower to Paris, the Big Ben bell tower is a symbol and landmark of London. Britain’s largest dial has been measuring time as part of the City Hall of the City of London almost uninterruptedly for 150 years.

Another London landmark is the royal family’s official London residence, Buckingham Palace. The palace is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city, and the famous guards with their guard changes are a tourist favorite. Deeper than the surface, the palace can be explored with paid tours.

The symbol of London is also Tower Bridge, which was completed in 1894. A masterpiece of Victorian engineering work quickly rose to become one of London’s most popular attractions. Today, almost every visitor to London wants to be photographed with Tower Bridge. The inside of the bridge and the observation deck can be accessed for a fee.

Tower Castle

The Tower of London is a medieval castle in the heart of London and the former residence of the English royals. The Tower has stood in the same places since the 11th century and is now one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions.

The tower has a ferocious and warlike past behind it, and the castle’s ghost stories are well known. The most interesting exhibits of the Tower Museum are the legendary crown jewels, which are kept in the castle’s Jewel House .

London’s world famous museums

London has a long tradition as a world-famous museum city. The most famous of the museums is definitely the British Museum, which is one of the most important museums in the world. The British Museum’s millions of artifacts are enough to marvel at for an entire day, and exhibits include mummies from ancient Egypt.

Other museums in London include the Science and War Museum, the Natural History Museum, known for its dinosaur fossils, and the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

In the footsteps of celebrities in the wax cabinet

Historic people and today’s celebrities are best admired at Madame Tussauds. The world’s most famous wax cabinet offers an admission ticket to the same image as Queen Elizabeth, for example.

In the basement of the building, on the other hand, the bloody history of the big city is presented in a horror cabinet. For horror diggers, London serves more manna, as the city also has a London Dungeon center dedicated solely to horror, which is like an expanded version of Tussaud’s horror chamber.

London Eye – From the heights of London

A must for London’s newer attractions is the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel. The soaring Ferris wheel opened in 1999 on the banks of the River Thames right in central London. The bike runs a slow lap, rises to 135 meters and offers plenty of time to watch London from above.