Best Time to Visit Cyprus

By | May 23, 2022

The most beautiful island on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea – Cyprus. Rich nature, sandy beaches, excellent service, mild climate, many attractions – all this disposes tourists to a pleasant and eventful vacation. The climate is favorable for health. The coldest air temperature in winter is 15 degrees Celsius. Each resort in Cyprus has its own unusual style and features.

The best resorts of the island

Ayia Napa. This resort is located in the east. From a small village, it has turned into a tourist city beloved by many. A few beaches delight with their cleanliness, golden sand and shallow safe sea. During the day it is quiet and calm, and in the evening discos, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants begin to work. The resort town is located 40 km from the airport in Larnaca.

Protaras. This is a small resort village. It is very calm, so a family vacation is recommended. Amazing nature awaits you here. At night you can admire the singing fountain. The beaches are located in a grove of fig trees. Along with a beach holiday, there is where to spend time actively.

Pathos. This is the most expensive resort – you can say “elite”. This includes resort towns: Aphrodite Hills, Coral Bay, Polis and Latchi. Paphos has rocky and sandy beaches.

Larnaca. Located on the southeast coast of the island. This is exactly the place where you will be calm for your children. The bottom is sandy, the sea is shallow. The hotels are located on the sandy bay. The beaches are sandy, but there are also small pebbles. It is interesting to visit the surrounding small villages, where they sew chic tablecloths and weave lace.

Limassol. A large economic, financial and cultural city in the south of Cyprus. Rest will be pleasant for all segments of the population. It is here that there are three water parks, an amusement park and a unique zoo. Limassol is located in the very center of the island, so everything is gathered here in one place. The beaches are mostly sandy, but sometimes there are sand and pebbles.

When is the best time to visit Cyprus?

Officially , the season in Cyprus lasts six months – from May to October. But many vacationers swim in the sea in November and March. Often in winter in Cyprus there is a cold cyclone. In April, you can already swim and sunbathe – the water temperature is 20-22 degrees. In October-November, prices are most affordable. The weather is wonderful, there is no scorching sun, but the infrastructure of the resort is partially out of order.

If you get tired of passive rest, you can admire the pristine nature of Cyprus – Cape Greco, Ayia Napa Monastery, Museum of Marine Life, Marine Park, visit the Limassol winery, wander along the famous Date Embankment in Larnaca, visit the District Archaeological Museum, Camel Farm and much more.

In September, the Wine Festival takes place. The holiday lasts a week, the wine flows like water, the tables are bursting with Mediterranean snacks.

When is the best time to fly to Cyprus to relax with children?

According to topschoolsintheusa, it is best to relax on the island with children in spring or early summer. During this period, the air temperature is warmed up to 25 degrees, the sea is already warm. September is also suitable. Pleasant rest is accompanied by a huge selection of ripe vegetables and fruits.

Almost all year round, Cyprus is ready to receive its guests. A trip to this paradise island will give you the opportunity to enjoy amazing nature and quality rest.

Best Time to Visit Cyprus