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By | June 12, 2021


I had already applied for the spring semester 2014 in March 2013. The application process was quite easy thanks to the help of your website. I received my confirmation in mid-June.

Then I made the appointment for the visa application in Frankfurt. You should take your time to register because you have to provide a lot of information. For a quick on-site processing without unnecessarily long waiting times, it is advisable to choose an early appointment. The appointment is not a big deal, unlike some reports on internet forums. I was only asked 3 simple questions (reason for my stay? Duration of studies? First stay in the USA?). I could even choose whether the conversation should take place in English or German. You just have to make sure that you have all the required documents with you, otherwise you won’t even be allowed into the embassy.

We booked the flights about 3 months before the start of the stay abroad, but we can really only recommend following the price developments for the flights / airlines over a few weeks. The same applies to possible later domestic flights in the USA, where prices can change almost every hour.

Cal State Fullerton offers a wide range of business courses. The “Mihaylo College of Business and Economics” is integrated into the campus, where most of these courses are taught. It was nice that I got all of the courses I had previously chosen so I didn’t have to “crash the course”. Check toppharmacyschools to see more reviews from current students.

My schedule included the following courses: MGMT 350 International Business, MGMT 343 Human Resource Management, MGMT 444 Project Management, MGMT 339 Principles of Management and Operations

In general, studying at Cal State Fullerton is more like going to school. In most courses there is compulsory attendance and there are grades for oral participation (but don’t be alarmed: most professors understand this to simply mean attendance). In addition, there is regular homework (to varying degrees) and smaller tests, so-called “quizzes”, are written. Partly about the material of the following lesson, so that you have to prepare it at home.

Overall, the level of the events was okay and the level of difficulty was definitely feasible with a little learning (even without perfect English). In addition, you can usually take the courses very well. So I only had university from Monday to Thursday (Friday is free for most of them!) And only a maximum of 2 lectures (duration 1:15 h) per day. So despite studying, you have enough time to enjoy life far away from university.


I lived in the “Homesteads” with a fellow student. These are about 20 minutes’ walk from the university. This is highly recommended for those who want peace and quiet and plenty of space. The complex is very well maintained and the 3 pool areas with additional jacuzzi have their advantages. We didn’t have that many students, which was probably rather unusual. Usually the system is very popular with Germans: “Little Germany”. Unfortunately, the accommodation is not cheap there (but it is nowhere around the campus). In addition, there are additional costs and you have to take care of electricity, internet and additional apartment insurance yourself. In addition, we took care of our furniture ourselves (you can also book it at overpriced conditions). So the whole thing is a little more complicated compared to other apartment parks.

For those who prefer the more comfortable option, I can recommend the “University House”, there is always something going on and you can live with other internationals or Americans. However, you have to pay until the end of July (2 more months after the end of your studies).

Overall, it has to be said that it is difficult to do without speaking German in Fullerton due to the large number of German students! You quickly fall into old behavior patterns … Which, in retrospect, has to be summed up a little sadly …

Leisure / travel

Fullerton is centrally located (45 minutes from LA) and is therefore a great starting point for activities. You 100% need a car, be it for shopping or traveling around. The question of whether you should rent or buy a car depends on whether you are familiar with cars and you want to be more safe or risky. If you buy a car and then sell it for a good price, you’ve done everything right. But if the car breaks down during your stay, you’re out of luck. The rental option is the safe method, but of course also the more expensive one (you don’t get any money back in the end).

The beaches: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach can be reached in approx. 30 – 60 minutes and are always worth a visit. Unfortunately, the duration of the trip varies extremely, because there is always traffic jam in the greater LA area (regardless of the time of day!) So plan enough time;)

There isn’t as much to do in LA as I would have thought: Malibu and Venice Beach are great beaches, but it takes a lot longer than to the other beaches and that’s why we rarely stopped by. In my opinion, the “Walk of Fame” was a real disappointment. One should look at it at night. On the other hand, the view from the “Griffith Observatory” over LA is great at night and a hike to the “Hollywood Sign” is also fun.

Other must-see travel destinations include: San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Bernadino National Park, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

If you love roller coasters, you shouldn’t miss the “Six Flags Magic Mountain” theme park in north LA! The day there was just amazing!

Down Town Fullerton is a good place to party for little money, there are a few bars there. Otherwise you can go to bigger clubs in LA, which are much more expensive. Trips with a “party bus” to the clubs in LA were definitely highlights J

After completing your studies, you should take a few more weeks to travel to the west coast! Hawaii is worth J


A semester abroad in the USA is really very expensive (€ 12-20,000), but it is definitely worth it! The weather, the landscape and the many new people from different countries and cultures that you meet make the semester abroad unforgettable. In short, it’s a great experience of a lifetime and definitely the right decision to do!

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