Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil)

By | March 10, 2022

Federal University of Amazonas. Brazilian academic public institution. It is the largest university in the state of Amazonas and one of the main universities in the Northern Region of the country. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the country, originating from the Free University of Manaus, founded on January 17, 1909.


In 1909, the first higher education institution in the country emerged, the Free University School of Manaus. This school had its origin in the Club of the National Guard of the Amazon, an entity founded on September 5, 1906.

In 1908, the Practical Military School of the Amazon was created in Manaus and in less than a year, in 1909, this School became the Free University School of Manáos. According to its Statutes, prepared and presented by Lieutenant Colonel Eulálio Chaves, the School should maintain the courses of the three weapons, according to the program adopted for the National Army schools.

In addition to the military instruction courses, the courses of Civil Engineering, Surveying, Agronomy, Industries, Legal and Social Sciences, baccalaureate in Natural and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Letters would also be taught. Other courses should be created later, preferably Medicine

The successful experience of the first Brazilian university lasted only 17 years, being disabled in 1926. From then on, they began to function as isolated units of higher education.

After that period, on June 12, 1962 it was refounded by Federal Law 4096, being renamed the University of Amazonas It became the Federal University of Amazonas, with Federal Law 10468, on June 20, 2002


Cultivate knowledge in all areas of knowledge through teaching, research and extension, contributing to the training of citizens and the development of the Amazon.


  • Recognition for the excellence achieved in public education, scientific production and contribution to social development
  • Employees trained, valued and committed to the Mission
  • Infrastructure suitable for the mission
  • Effective management supported by information from administrative, academic and technical processes.

Academic units

UFAM’s academic structure is divided into institutes, faculties, and a school, distributed according to their subject area.


  • Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB);
  • Computing Institute (ICOMP);
  • Institute of Exact Sciences (ICE);
  • Institute of Human Sciences and Letters (ICHL);
  • Institute of Nature and Culture in Benjamin Constant (INC);
  • Institute of Health and Biotechnology in Coari (ISB)
  • Institute of Agriculture and Environment in Humaitá (IAAH);
  • Institute of Exact Sciences and Technology in Itacoatiara (ICET) and
  • Institute of Social Sciences, Education and Zootechnics in Parintins (ICSEZ).


  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (FCA);
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCF);
  • Faculty of Medicine (FM);
  • School of Dentistry (FAO);
  • Faculty of Law (FD);
  • Faculty of Education (FACED);
  • Faculty of Social Studies (FES);
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy (FEFF);
  • Faculty of Technology (FT) and
  • Faculty of Psychology (FAPSI).
  • School of Nursing (EEM).

Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil)