Landmarks of Great Britain

By | April 14, 2022

The largest and most multiethnic kingdom is England. According to, the capital of England is London, this city is simply full of all kinds of attractions, which include world-famous historical sites and monuments. The city has the largest shops of well-known companies, and the nightlife of the capital is incomparable. There are more than 80 theaters and museums on the territory of the city. Of the monuments of culture and history, the most popular among tourists are Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. A real work of architecture and an important part of English history is the Tower Castle, which over the long years of its life (it was built in the 11th century) served for a wide variety of purposes. At first it was just a fortress, then it became a royal palace, it was a prison and a place for executions, and even managed to visit a zoo. Now the Tower is not just a property of England and a historical place, but also a completely independent town in which soldiers live. Guardsmen and “official residents” – crows, who are allocated royal allowance. From Monday to Saturday, the castle is open for tourists from 09.00 to 18.00, and on Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. The West End is a well-known prestigious area of London, which is famous for its numerous branded shops and nightclubs. Also here is the aristocratic residential quarter of Mayfair and Buckingham Palace. All the power of the kingdom is concentrated in this place, and all festive ceremonies begin in this place. All distances are measured from Trafalgar Square – the main square of Great Britain. A monument to Admiral Nelson rises on the square, which stands on a column 45 meters high. Of course, London’s calling card is Big Ben. Many people call the tower or the clock that hangs on its wall Big Ben, but few people know that this is the name of the bell, which is currently the largest bell in the country, and it was named after the head of its installation, Benjamin Hall. The Westminster clock hanging on the tower is considered the most accurate in the country, and its striking is a symbol of Great Britain. Scotland can be called the most colorful and beautiful region of Great Britain. Picturesque landscapes have created for her great fame all over the world. There are 787 islands in Scotland, and people live on each of them. To see the real face of Scotland and look at the rare, today virgin nature is best on the western islands of the kingdom. In these places is the highest point in the country – Ben Nevis, as well as Loch Ness, which has become popular with tourists thanks to stories about a prehistoric monster that lives in the depths of a cold lake. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The city is quite unique, historically it has been divided into two parts: the old and the modern city. Old – the embodiment of the Middle Ages, getting there you can feel the spirit of the old kingdom. This disconnection of the city has created diversity for tourists. Inverness is located 260 km from the capital, it is believed that most of the old Scottish families originated from here, and the Scots themselves consider it the capital of whiskey, bagpipes and oatmeal. Wales is a region of medieval castles and beautiful nature. The number of castles per square meter is the largest in the world, which has become its main attraction.

National cuisine of Great Britain

English cuisine practically does not use sauces and hot spices in cooking. The most popular among the British are vegetable and fish dishes, as well as meat, which is most often served fried. The main drink of all the inhabitants of the country is, of course, tea, most of the locals drink it with sugar and milk. Scottish and Welsh cuisines are slightly different from English cuisines in that the dishes are more spicy. Locals consider mutton chops with lemon sauce and various spices to be the best dish. All kinds of pastries are popular in these places, especially saffron buns, muffins and biscuits. Alcoholic beverages are represented by the main drink in Great Britain – whiskey, and beer is no less popular.

Visa to England

Since the UK is not a member of the Schengen countries, residents of Russia must obtain a separate entry visa. Accordingly, they will not be allowed into the Schengen countries with a UK visa. For Russian tourists, it is necessary to obtain a “visitor visa”, which is also suitable for visiting relatives and friends. A visitor visa can be issued for various periods, the minimum period is 6 months and the maximum period is 10 years. During the validity of the visa, you can visit the country multiple times, however, in some cases, the consulate may impose restrictions. Visas for 1 or 2 years are issued only to those persons who previously received at least one visa for 6 months. Usually, the period for issuing a visa takes 15 working days, but the consular department recommends submitting documents for receipt three weeks before departure. When traveling with a child under the age of 18, it is necessary to provide his birth certificate and consent to take the child abroad from the parent remaining in the country, the consent must be certified by a notary. The consular fee is paid in Russian rubles and paid in cash when submitting documents. The fee for a visa for 6 months is 3570 rubles, and for 1 and 2 years – 12455 rubles.

Landmarks of Great Britain