Sights of Glasgow, Scotland

By | November 17, 2022

According to, the city on the River Clyde was once a picturesque place that has grown into one of Britain’s largest seaports. The architecture is extremely special. Victorian buildings are interspersed with modern architecture with the greatest of ease. Clyde Arc for example, the beautiful bridge in the center, is especially beautiful at night to see. For enthusiasts there are numerous museums and cultural attractions. Just take a look at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and you will realize once again that the museums here are of top quality.

Top 10 Glasgow attractions

#1. Glasgow Cathedral
This landmark of the city is of a beautiful Scottish Gothic architecture. It is also the only cathedral (on the mainland) to survive the Protestant Reformation of 1560. The cathedral was built in the 12th century, after which, of course, some adjustments have taken place. Glasgow has even more cathedrals: St. Andrew’s Cathedral, St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Luke’s Cathedral.

#2. The National Piping Center
Scotland’s most famous musical instrument has its own training center and museum in Glasgow. Here you can learn everything about the ‘highland pipes or bagpipes’ or a kind of bagpipes. Concerts or competitions are held regularly. There are even matching kilts for rent. This is the famous Scottish skirt.

#3. Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Scotland’s oldest museum is located on the campus of Glasgow University. The very extensive art collections are spread over different houses. Various subjects are discussed or exhibited in the museums. In addition to the art collections, there are also collections of scientific instruments and, for example, the work of the Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

#4. Scottish Football Museum
Football is a piece of culture in Scotland. Their football stadiums are therefore almost sacred grounds. In addition to the ‘Hall of Fame’, this stadium in Hampden Park also houses a museum about football. For example, it is said here that Scotland is even the birthplace of international football. There are several guided tours of this stadium that can be booked.

#5. Tall Ship in Glasgow Harbor
This is perhaps Scotland’s most unusual museum. The boat from 1896 is the museum. The Glenlee has made many trips in its existence. Now it enjoys its old age and serves as a maritime museum. The entire boat is open to the public. there is a mini cinema, souvenir shop and playground.

#6. Gallery of Modern Art
On Queens Street you will find the GOMA museum with its contemporary art. In addition to the permanent collection, there are regular temporary exhibitions and even workshops. The library of Glasgow is also housed in this former trade fair.

#7. Pollok Country Park
South of Glasgow is Britain’s best-chosen park in 2007. This park used to belong to the wealthy Maxwell family. It was finally donated to the Glasgow Corporation in 1966 on the condition that the park and buildings remain public. In the Pollok House, which was the former residence of the family, you can now admire a large private collection of paintings, furniture and silverware. There are also two shops and a restaurant. The very large park also has the beautiful art of Sir William Burrell at its disposal. The Burell Collection can be admired here in a specially designed building

#8. Mackintosh Trail
For admirers of works by the Scottish artist, designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a special walking route has been created. The tour starts at his masterpiece ‘the Glasgow School of Art’ on Renfrew Street. You then continue the route through the center of the city. The ‘Lighthouse’ on Mitchell Lane is still a remarkable piece of architecture. From another work by this master, the water tower, you can admire a beautiful view of the city.

#9. George Square
This most important square in the city of Glasgow is named after King George III. There are a number of important buildings on this square. You will find the municipal council here, which is housed in a very beautiful Victorian building. The ‘General Post Office’ is also located on this square in another very beautiful building. The green grass plains give this square a warm and cozy appearance.

#10. Kibble Palace
In 1863 this 19th century glass greenhouse was put away in the botanic garden of Glasgow. The greenhouse with its regal appearance has a size of no less than 2137 m². Its original function was for concerts and all kinds of events. Plants were not cultivated until 1880.

Glasgow, Scotland