Study Abroad in Boston University

By | October 10, 2021

The application

To study at Boston University, you first have to work through a huge pile of paperwork that is important for the application. However, this can be managed very well with the support of MicroEDU. At this point, once again, a big thank you to the entire MicroEDU team.

Boston is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited so far. The city is plentiful in both American history and modern aspects that make every single day in Boston interesting.
In general, Boston doesn’t really fit 100% into the American image of a big city. Rather, Boston exudes a certain international and especially European charm, which is not only caused by the typical Bostonian Brownstones, but also by the many international students at the individual universities such as Harvard, MIT or Boston University.
Boston’s best shopping mile, Newburry Street, is not far from campus and is very easy to walk to. In general, everything in Boston can be reached very easily either on foot or by the T (name of the subway), so I recommend everyone who wants to be very flexible in Boston to buy the BU’s semester ticket. The $ 200 is certainly well spent, although there is a free BU shuttle on campus. The ticket is therefore very helpful for all trips to downtown or the harbor, for example.

The location of Boston on the east coast of the USA is very good for trips to NYC or Canada. NYC, for example, can be reached in just 4 hours by a very cheap bus and is definitely worth a visit or two.

Boston also has a lot to offer in terms of sport. Boston is probably the best city for world-class sports in the United States right now. Depending on the season, you can either watch a game of the Boston Bruins, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics or the New England Patriots, which play just outside of Boston at Gillette Stadium.


Looking for an apartment in Boston is very difficult at first, as most landlords are very reluctant to agree to a short rental period of 6 or 5 months.
It is important to try every possibility here and to keep asking whether there are rooms in the apartment available for this short period of time.

The University

Boston University is one of the many universities in Boston. The BU campus cannot be compared with a “normal” campus of an American university as we know it from American films. Rather, the campus is directly connected to the city and is therefore located on a large road and on the Charles River, on which you can sail but also row. This unusual campus didn’t really bother me. He supported the urban feel of the BU much more, which I really enjoyed.

The courses

  • Introduction to American Management:
    This course is for internationals only and therefore there are no American students on the course. This course is quite different in structure, as the focus here is much more on class participation and creativity. There is a lot of discussion about major American entrepreneurs and more basic management issues.
  • Project Management:
    This course was the most extensive course I took in Boston. Every week there are papers and presentations that have to be prepared for the next lecture. However, I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn something about project management. The professor is very competent and, with some experience, was able to make the lectures interesting. Furthermore, he was always available to help and advise the students after the lectures.
  • Business Strategy:
    This series of lectures is very popular. Probably this depends a lot on Professor Silvia, who seems very competent by his nature. I really enjoyed following this professor in his lectures. In addition to many individual case studies, a main focus of the course is on group work, in which you have to develop and present a strategic plan for a group.
  • Finance Concepts:
    This course was not very demanding for me as I had already taken finance courses in Germany. It is more likely to be seen as an Introduction to Finance.
  • International Marketing:
    This course was not very demanding either. The professor was very nice, but couldn’t really get the students excited about the topic and didn’t seem very competent. Perhaps this is also due to the topic of international marketing. The same applies here: If you already have previous marketing knowledge, this course should not be a problem.

In conclusion, I would like to say that 5 courses may be a bit much. German students are not necessarily used to doing a lot of homework. Hence, 5 courses can be quite a lot at certain busy times. So I would recommend choosing 4 rather than 5 courses.

Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend the semester at the BU to everyone. I made a lot of new friends and the first reunions are already planned. Anyone who has the chance to study at the BU for a semester should therefore not hesitate.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask my contact details at MicroEDU.

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