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Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil)

Federal University of Amazonas. Brazilian academic public institution. It is the largest university in the state of Amazonas and one of the main universities in the Northern Region of the country. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the country, originating from the Free University of Manaus, founded on January 17, 1909. History… Read More »

Brazil Economy Overview

In order to strengthen industries, a system of tax incentives was introduced starting in 1963, according to which half of corporate income taxes can be deposited in banks to finance public utility projects, as has already been the case to the South of Recife and to the W of Salvador (Arata area). In 1975 the… Read More »

Brazil Energy and Environment

Energy and environment According to Mcat-test-centers, the future of Brazil revolves around the prospect of becoming – as well as an economic giant – also an energy giant. Both production and internal energy consumption are highly diversified, and energy dependence from abroad has been decreasing over the years, reaching only 8% of total consumption. This has… Read More »

Brazil Forest Products

To 325 million ha. of forest area in Canada and the 200 million in the United States are sometimes contrasted with the 400 million in Brazil; however this figure is considerably lower than that of the last official calculation extended to the whole territory of the confederation (1911), according to which the forest area would… Read More »

Brazil Indigenous People

At the time of the discovery of America, the coastal region was mainly inhabited by the Tupi – Guarani, collectively called Tupinambá, from the name of the main tribe. Of their habits and their customs we have since the century. XVI excellent reports that Métreaux has recently assembled in an exhaustive comparative study. Guarani tribes… Read More »

Brazil Industries

Industries. – The development of industries in Brazil is of a very recent date: only after the proclamation of the republic and even more in the immediate pre-war period did an economic movement occur which tended to equip the country with industrial plants capable of satisfying internal needs. The world war then provoked a fervor… Read More »

Brazil Literature

The second post-war period sees Brazilian literature in transformation, a reflection of the transformation of an entire society. The dictatorship of G. Vargas gives way to the constitutional government of General Dutra, closely linked to the politics of the United States at the time of the “cold war”; it outlaws the Communist Party (1946) by… Read More »

Brazil Literature – Modernism

Modernism. – Towards 1923, a movement which called itself “modernist” began to appear in Brazil and which continues to this day: a movement not unlike others which occurred in many European countries, as soon as the war was over, and which was in a certain way the resumption of a literary and aesthetic agitation that… Read More »

Brazil Literature – Naturalism and Parnassianism

Naturalism. – Romanticism was followed by naturalism, and, just as the first had been a reaction against classicism, so the second was intended to be a reaction against romanticism. According to Educationvv, there are two masters of the Brazilian novel in the naturalist period: Machado de Assis and Aluizio Azevedo. Of the former it can… Read More »

Brazil Literature – Romanticism

Romanticism. – The most notable figure of early Brazilian Romanticism was Domingos José Gonçalves de Magalhães (1811-1882), author of the Suspiros poeticos e saudades (Paris 1836). The novelty of his poetry consisted not only in the warmth of the patriotic sentiment, and in the religious imprint, but in the intimate fusion of both sentiments, in… Read More »

Brazil Literature – Symbolism

In the last years of the century. XIX, the reflections of French and Belgian symbolism extended to Brazil. Its greatest advocate was Cruz and Souza (1862-1898), a Negro, an unequal but profound and powerful poet; rich in musicality and color, but original above all in the interpretation of the sentimental and metaphysical pain that dominated… Read More »

Brazil Literature – Training Period

It has rightly been noted by an illustrious historian of Brazilian literature, José Verissimo, that “modern Brazilian literature is the expression of a thought and a feeling that are no longer confused with Portuguese thought and feeling, and also its instrument, the common language of the two countries is no longer entirely Portuguese “. The… Read More »

Brazil Press and Publications

Periodic press. – The first Brazilian journalist can be considered Hippolito José da Costa Pereira Furtado de Mendonça (1774-1823), who, persecuted in Portugal, took refuge in London, where he published the Correio Brasiliense, monthly from 1808 to 1822, ceased when, with the proclamation of the independence of Brazil, ended his mission. The first periodical printed in… Read More »