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See travelationary for Costa Rica Arts and Literature.

Costa Rica History

Inhabited, before the arrival of the Spaniards, by indigenous communities not particularly civilized, despite their contacts with the Aztecs and the Maya, the current Costa Rica was conquered at the beginning of the second half of the century. XVI mainly through the work of Juan Vázquez de Coronado. The territory was incorporated into the Capitanía… Read More »

Study System in Costa Rica

University landscape in Costa Rica Despite the small size of the country, Costa Rica has over 50 private and five state universities. The level of study is particularly high at the state universities. They are larger than the private universities and usually specialize in certain disciplines. National research takes place primarily at the Universidades and… Read More »

Study in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and livable countries in Latin America. According to travelationary, it is located in Central America on a land bridge between Nicaragua and Panama. From the west to the east coast – i.e. from the South Pacific to the Caribbean Sea – it can be crossed by car… Read More »

Costa Rica Children and School

How is school in Costa Rica? The school year in Costa Rica begins, like in neighboring countries, in February and ends in November or December. The school year is divided into three trimesters. After every trimester there are certificates, i.e. three times a year. There are two to three weeks of vacation in July. At… Read More »