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Costs for Studying in Ecuador

Studying in Ecuador: Costs and Financing There is a fee to study in Ecuador, a country located in Central America according to transporthint. The amount of the tuition fees differs considerably depending on the type of university and course of study. At the public universities, the fees are much lower compared to the private ones.… Read More »

Requirements for Studying in Ecuador

Requirements For German applicants, a secondary school qualification recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, such as the Abitur, is the first requirement for studying in Ecuador. Depending on the university, applicants may also have to take a placement test. In this context, the mathematical, historical and linguistic knowledge of the applicants is checked. Preparing… Read More »

Study in Ecuador

Although Ecuador is the smallest country in South America, this does not mean that it is less varied than its larger neighbors. The fact that the opposite is true can already be seen when looking at the various regions of Ecuador, which differ immensely. Regional diversity of Ecuador First of all, there is the coastal… Read More »