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Study abroad in Guatemala: Costs and Financing

Study abroad in Guatemala: costs and financing All universities in Guatemala have tuition fees. They vary greatly depending on the university, degree and subject. International applicants should generally be prepared for higher fees than local students. You can calculate around EUR 650-2,500 per year. In addition, there are usually enrollment fees of EUR 50-60. Accommodation… Read More »

Education System in Guatemala

The higher education system in Guatemala In the university system, Guatemala has made some progress over the past twenty years. The universities of Guatemala are largely autonomous and thus determine their teaching staff and the allocation of study places independently. Although they manage themselves, they are financially supported by the state. The institutions are controlled… Read More »

Study in Guatemala

Guatemala is known to many as a former Maya empire. The impressive ruins from times long past are still standing in the middle of the dense jungle and attract numerous tourists as well as many adventurous people to study abroad in Guatemala. 22 Maya languages ​​and numerous other indigenous languages ​​are actively spoken. The official… Read More »

Guatemala Children and School

School in Guatemala In Guatemala school is compulsory for six years. So it is in the law that children have to go to school. However, absenteeism will not be prosecuted or punished. Free education School fees do not have to be paid in state schools. But since school uniforms, books and pens also cost money,… Read More »