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Capital: Boise
Nickname: The Gem State
Inhabitants: 1.8 million
Largest city: Boise
Airport: (BOI) Boise Airport
Fun Fact: The more than 4.7 million acres of wildlife in Idaho is larger than the states of Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut combined.
About Idaho
It is one of the sparsely populated states of America and therefore still very untouched. The state borders Canada in the north and is home to a lot of wilderness, mountains, valleys and pristine forests that are hundreds of kilometers in size. Idaho wasn’t actually meant to be a separate, 43rd state. The North would be added to Washington State in the North and the South to Nevada. President Grover Cleveland, however, refused.
The Craters of the Moon National Preserve is an almost otherworldly area of ​​craters and fossilized lava flows. The Soshone Falls are also called the ‘Niagara Falls of the West’, spectacular waterfalls that are even 40 meters higher than Niagara Falls. In terms of natural beauty, the Hell’s Canyons, bordering the state of Oregon, are breathtakingly beautiful. The canyons are even deeper than the Grand Canyon and the deepest in all of America. Only 24km from the border of Canada you will find the beautiful ‘Priest Lake’. A former glacial lake that formed 10,000 years ago. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in Idaho including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of Idaho.

Top Schools of Law in Idaho

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University of Idaho College of Law

The University of Idaho College of Law was founded in 1909 as the first law school in the state of Idaho. It was originally located in Moscow, Idaho and moved to its current location in Boise in 1971. The college has a long and proud history of teaching legal education and providing students with a… Read More »

US 30, 89 and 91 in Idaho

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Brief History of Idaho

Population: 1 584.985 thousand people (2011) Area: 216632.0 sq. km In the Northwest of the United States is one of the states of the country – Idaho, which borders in the north on the Canadian province of British Columbia and six American states. The capital city of Boise is the largest city in the state.… Read More »