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Hebron, Israel

Hebron (Hevron) – one of the four holy cities for the Jews, in addition to Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberias. It is believed that the Jewish population lived continuously on its territory for about three thousand years until the pogrom in 1929. This ancient city, repeatedly mentioned in the Bible, was once the center of the… Read More »

Jaffa, Israel

According to wholevehicles, Jaffa is one of the oldest cities and at the same time the main port of ancient Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. The history of Jaffa goes back centuries, to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs and the ancient Romans. Today, this town, populated mainly by Arabic-speaking residents, has turned into a… Read More »

Attractions in Israel

Temple mount When traveling to the Holy Land, a visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a must. The hill is located in the southeast of the old town. The Temple Mount is a holy place for Christians, Jews and Muslims, the beginnings of which date back to 1000 BC. Walls on which the… Read More »

Hebrew Literature in Middle Ages

Tradition Literature: Given the displacement of close to extinct Hebrew related Aramaic by the Arab of “holy” Biblical text by the Masoretes (was Masora) vocalized (the Hebrew alphabet is like most Semitic alphabets only of consonants) and finally fixed pronunciation and saved from oblivion; the text could also serve as the basis for the emerging… Read More »