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Capital: Jackson
Nickname: The Magnolia State
Inhabitants: 2.9 million
Largest city: Jackson
Airport: (JAN) Jackson-Evers International
Fun Fact: More than 117 million liters of milk are sold every year, making milk the official Mississippi drink.
About Mississippi
Mississippi is a typical Southern-charm state in the American South. The birthplace of blues thanks in part to its infamous slavery past. More than 55% of the inhabitants in 1860 were slaves. Mississippi was also one of the original seven Confederate States of America. With nearly 40% African American residents, Mississippi is also a large African American state. Mississippi is known for its fishing, especially catfish. The blue music movement originated on the former cotton plantations in the Mississippi Delta, the precursor of today’s American pop music. Today you will find many agricultural companies and large country houses here. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in Mississippi including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of Mississippi.

Brief History of Mississippi

Population: 2 978.512 thousand people (2011) Area: 125443.0 sq. km Located in the south of the United States and being the 20th state of Mississippi, it occupies a worthy place in the state of North America. The capital Jackson is one of its major cities. According to citypopulationreview.com, the Mississippi shares a common border with… Read More »