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Capital: Oklahoma City
Nickname: The Sooner State
Inhabitants: 3.9 million
Largest city: Oklahoma City
Airport: (OKC) Will Rogers World
Fun Fact: The official state poem is ‘Howdy Folks’, an ode to Oklahoma cowboy Will Rogers.
About Oklahoma
The residents of Oklahoma are also known as ‘sooners’. This name comes from the period around 1889 when the famous Land Run took place. Although they had to officially wait to get a piece of land, people in Oklahoma were a lot quicker to claim land. You can still see the name in the sports teams of the state. Oklahoma is a state with a lot of Native American culture, more than 39 tribes lived there. The history of the cowboy can still be seen in the state. It is therefore a state with a mix between Native America Culture, Western charm and beautiful nature. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in Oklahoma including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of Oklahoma.

Top Schools of Law in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City University School of Law

Oklahoma City University School of Law was founded in 1907 and has been a part of the Oklahoma City University family ever since. It was originally located in downtown Oklahoma City, but moved to its current location on the OCU campus in 1969. The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and offers both… Read More »

University of Oklahoma College of Law

The University of Oklahoma College of Law was founded in 1909 as the first public law school in the state. The school was established by the Oklahoma Legislature to meet the growing need for legal education in a rapidly developing state. The college has consistently been ranked among the top law schools in the nation,… Read More »

University of Tulsa College of Law

The University of Tulsa College of Law was established in 1923, when the Tulsa Law School opened its doors to its first class. The school was founded by a group of prominent Tulsa attorneys, who sought to provide a quality legal education for students in the region. The school offered two-year programs that emphasized practical… Read More »

US 83 in Oklahoma

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Brief History of Oklahoma

Population: 3 791.508 thousand people (2011) Area: 181196.0 sq. km According to citypopulationreview.com, the landowner state, Oklahoma, is located within the Great Plains. Endless steppes indented by large rivers of the Mississippi basin (Red River, Canadian, Arkansas ) occupy most of the territory. To the east alone are the low mountain ranges of Washita and… Read More »