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Romania History Until 1862

Romania, officially România [romi nia], state in Southeast Europe with (2018) 19.5 million residents; The capital is Bucharest. According to Computerminus, today’s Romania essentially comprises the historical areas of the former Danube principalities of Moldova and Wallachia as well as Transylvania. Before 1862 and 1918/19 one can only speak of a history of the areas… Read More »

Romanian Literature

Romanian literature. Written Romanian literature was preceded by extensive folk poetry with a variety of genres: the poetry of love and lament, v. a. Doină, as well as the epic ballad (Miorița), in which motifs from pastoral life or history are processed. Satirical, religious and magical poetry and fairy tales were also richly developed. All… Read More »

Romanian Modern Literature (from 1830) Part II

Tradition and Modernity (1920–44) According to Cancermatters, the dispute between traditionalist and progressive positions about intellectual renewal and national literature received new impulses through the incorporation of Transylvania and other areas into Greater Romania, for example in the dispute between the writers of the magazine »Gîndirea« (under Nichifor Crainic, * 1889, † 1972, followed their… Read More »

Romanian Modern Literature (from 1830) Part I

Classicism and Romanticism (1830–80) The patriotic striving for liberation from foreign rule and unification of all Romanians received new impulses after the end of the Phanariot rule. A deluge of translations, v. a. from French, the establishment of the theater as a cultural institution, the establishment of magazines, literary societies and schools promoted cultural life… Read More »

Romanian German Literature

Romanian German literature, literature of the German-speaking minorities in today’s Romania (Romanian Germans). It originated from the German-language literature of Transylvania, the Banat and Bukovina. The literature of the Transylvanian Saxons goes back to the 12th, that of the Banat Swabians to the 18th, and that of the Bukowina Germans to the 19th century. From… Read More »

Romania Main Cities

Iasi Iaşi [ yes ʃ j], German Jassy, capital of the district of the same name, northeast Romania, near the border with Moldova, on Bahlui, (2011) 290 400 residents. Most important economic, cultural and scientific center of the Moldova region; Seat of a Romanian Orthodox metropolitan and a Catholic bishop; oldest university in Romania (founded… Read More »

Attractions in Romania

According to Allunitconverters, Romania is located in Eastern Europe, the capital is Bucharest. The republic borders on Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova. Romania stretches from the Pannonian Plain to the Black sea. The landscape in Romania is divided equally into plains,Mountain range articulated as well as highlands. The most important mountain range in Romania… Read More »

Romania Transportation

Airplane: the state Romanian airlineTarom also offers domestic flights, as does Carpartair based in Timisoara. Ship: Boote and ferries are the only way to travel the Danube Delta. Rail: Rail travel has long been that in Romaniamost popularWay of traveling. The Romanian state railway C? Ile Ferate Române (CFR) operates a route network of more… Read More »

Best Travel Time for Romania

Despite the rather cool winters and very hot summers, Romania is a year-round travel destination. There are big ones regionallyclimaticDifferences: The annual average temperature in the south of Romania is 11 ° C, in the north 7 ° C and in the mountains only 2 ° C. In recent years, summer temperatures in Bucharest and… Read More »

Facts about Romania

Below you will find practical information about currency, tips, electricity and more in connection with trips to Romania. Language: Romanian Capital: Bucharest Population: 21, 5 million. Religion: Romanian Orthodox Church Currency: Romanian lei Surface: 238 391 km2 Worth knowing Time difference Romania is one hour ahead of Sweden, both in summer and winter. Transport in… Read More »

Working and Living in Romania

Labor market Anyone who wants to work in Romania as an EU citizen or Swiss citizen does not need a work permit. However, you are obliged to report your name of residence to the Romanian authorities (competent registration office or police station). Since more and more German companies are settling in Romania, it is sometimes… Read More »