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Rosa Khutor, Russia

Rosa Khutor is amazing. This is exactly the case when advertising brochures and enthusiastic stories can and should be trusted. Official confirmation of this is the third World Ski Awards in a row in the nomination “Best Ski Resort in Russia”, received by the resort in November 2015. And this is considering that the first… Read More »

Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region (Russia)

According to howsmb.com, Rybinsk is located 90 km northeast of Yaroslavl at the confluence of the Volga and Sheksna rivers. The city is known as the former capital of burlaks and is one of the points on the Golden Ring tourist route. Settlements on the site of the present city have been known since 1071.… Read More »

Science and Culture of Russia

According to topschoolsintheusa, the origin and formation in Russia of modern forms of scientific activity and education are largely connected with the entire complex of transformations of the Petrine and post-Petrine eras. Characteristic of the 18th – early 19th centuries. the process of building the institutions of science (academies, universities, expeditions, libraries, collections, observatories, clinics,… Read More »

The Yeltsin Era (1990-99)

On June 12, 1990, Russia declared its sovereignty. In June 1991, Yeltsin was elected President of Russia. In August 1991 he led the resistance against the coup of conservative communist leaders. After its failure, the activities of the CPSU and the Russian CP were banned. When the new union treaty favored by Gorbachev for the… Read More »

Old Russian Arts

Architecture The influence of the Byzantine culture caused an upswing in urban planning. The type of cross-domed church was adopted by Byzantium, after which Byzantine masters built the first churches in the Kievan Rus, such as the Savior Cathedral in Chernigov (1036), the Sophia cathedrals in Kiev (1037 to around 1100), in Polotsk (1044-66) and… Read More »

Russia Urbanism

According to iamhigher, 73% (2008) of the population lives in cities; the rest in rural villages, which are experiencing a progressive abandonment: it is estimated that over a tenth of the 160,000 villages surveyed in Russia are now completely uninhabited, while an even greater share is inhabited almost exclusively by elderly people. The phenomenon mainly… Read More »