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Cities and Resorts in Turkey

Beldibi (Turkey) The small resort town of Beldibi is located between Antalya and Kemer. It looks more like a traditional Turkish village and is suitable for a relaxing family holiday and for a secluded holiday for newlyweds. In the vicinity of Beldibi there are lemon and orange groves, so the local air is filled with… Read More »

Bursa and İzmir, Turkey

Bursa Bursa, formerly Brussa, provincial capital in northwestern Anatolia, Turkey, 20 km from the Sea of ​​Marmara, 225 m above sea level, on the southern edge of the Bursa basin (peach and vegetable crops), at the foot of Ulu Dağ, with (2018) 1.92 million Residents of the fourth largest city in Turkey. University (founded in… Read More »

Cityscape of Istanbul, Turkey

The historic districts of Istanbul are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the ancient squares are still recognizable in today’s cityscape: the Severan Tetrastoon from the 2nd century AD (later Augusteion), the Hippodrome (203 AD, enlarged after 324), the Forum of Constantine (early 4th century AD). Chr.), The Theodosiusforum (327–393), the Philadelphion, the Arkadiosforum (435… Read More »

History of Istanbul, Turkey

Today’s Istanbul goes back to around 660 BC. On the Thracian (European) side of the Bosphorus, the Greek colony Byzantion (Byzantium) was established, which gained considerable prosperity through the Black Sea trade (salted meat, grain, the latter from Crimea to Greece, important especially for Athens). In the 5th century BC Byzantium was a member of… Read More »

Turkey Geography

Location According to Proexchangerates, Turkey borders the Black Sea to the north, the Levantine Sea to the south and the Aegean Sea to the west. The Bosphorus and Dardanelles waterways connect the Black and Aegean Seas. At the same time, they separate European Turkey from Asian. European Turkey borders Greece in the west and Bulgaria… Read More »

Getting to Turkey

Airplane: the national Turkish airline is Turkish Airlaines. It flies directly from Istanbul to numerous cities around the world, including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tbilisi, Baku and Tehran. Other airlines that offer flights to and from Turkey include Lufthansa, Germanwings,British Airways and EasyJet. Airports: the busiest in Turkey airport is the Ataturk International Airport (IST) in… Read More »

Turkey Transportation

Airplane: Domestic airlines connect about 30 cities in the country. Many flights, including from Dalaman to Van, go via the transport hubs of Istanbul or Ankara. Atlasjet is one of the few airlines thath ave direct flights between the west coast and the cities in the center and on the east coast of the country.… Read More »

Attractions in Turkey

According to Loverists, Turkey has many interesting areas, such as the Aegean Sea, Eastern Anatolia, Southern Anatolia, Thrace, etc. to offer. The Aegean Sea is an absolute must for tourists not only because of the deep blue sea and the wonderful climate. In the Aegean Sea one can find a large number of differentAttractionsview. The… Read More »

Attractions in Alanya and Belek, Turkey

Alanya With almost eleven kilometers of fine sandy beaches, Alanya on the Turkish Riviera is a popular holiday destination for many tourists. In addition to Antalya and Side, it is one of the most popular places in Turkey with a variety of great beaches. Beautiful beaches are, for example, Cleopatra Beach, which is located in… Read More »

Attractions in Bodrum and Dalaman, Turkey

Bodrum Opposite the Greek island of Kos, on the west coast of Turkey, Bodrum is located. A well-known seaside resort in the south of the Turkish Aegean coast with an incomparable charm, here comes the Mediterranean lifestyle. Bodrum is also called the “Turkish Saint Tropez”, no wonder, because the fine sandy beaches and rocky bays… Read More »

Attractions in Didyma and Istanbul, Turkey

Didyma According to Homeagerly, Didyma was an ancient place and is located on the west coast of Turkey, near the port city of Miletus on the southern Aegean Sea. The two places were connected by sea, of course, and then around the 6th century BC a road was built a little off the beaten track… Read More »

Attractions in Kemer and Kusadasi, Turkey

Kemer About 40 kilometers southwest of Antalya is Kemer on the south coast of Turkey. This is a fishing village that had no road connection to Antalya, today it is very modern and has been developed as a tourist center. Kemer has become a small town in the region and has a large number of… Read More »

Travel to Turkey

According to Diseaseslearning, Turkey lies in both Eastern Europe as well as in Asia and is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. The capital is Ankara. The country borders on the northeast Black sea and Georgia, on the east by Armenia to Iran, to the southeast by the Iraq, south to Syria and the… Read More »

Turkey Economic Conditions 2009

The Turkish economy continued to grow at a good pace, being less affected than others by the international financial crisis. According to Eurostat, in 2009 its GDP increased more than any other European country (9.2%), continuing that constant process of approaching continental levels, from which however it still remains far away (T. is last of… Read More »

Turkey History

The area of ​​today’s Turkey has been populated since the Stone Age (Çatal Hüyük). In antiquity, various empires ruled the region: the Hittites , Lydians, Persians, and some important Greek city-states (e.g. Ephesus) were located in what is now Turkey. In the 4th century BC In BC Alexander the Great defeated the Persian Empire and… Read More »