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Landmarks of Great Britain

The largest and most multiethnic kingdom is England. According to ethnicityology.com, the capital of England is London, this city is simply full of all kinds of attractions, which include world-famous historical sites and monuments. The city has the largest shops of well-known companies, and the nightlife of the capital is incomparable. There are more than… Read More »

England Transporation

Airplane: England’s domestic airlines include British Airways, BMI. BMIbaby, EasyJet and Ryanair. Domestic flights are only worthwhile for traveler with great time pressure. Rail: Travel by train are more expensive but comfortable and usually less time-consuming than bus journeys. In addition, the railway lines often lead through charming landscapes. There are more than 20 different… Read More »

Scotland History Timeline

  According to Computergees, Scotland is an autonomous nation in northwestern Europe and one of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Scotland is the second largest part (with 32% of the surface and 8% of the population) after England, followed by Wales and Northern Ireland. The… Read More »

Attractions in London

Camden is a popular shopping destination as the area has not only plenty of shops but also a large market area. Shopper’s London According to Abbreviation Finder, London is a shopping elite. The shopper can choose between their favorite place, the hustle and bustle of department stores, the hustle and bustle of long shopping streets and… Read More »