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Capital: Montpelier
Nickname: The Green Mountain State
Inhabitants: 623,000
Largest city: Burlington
Airport: (BTV) Burlington International
Fun Fact: One of the best places to live according to Mart Smeets.
About Vermont
Much of the state of Vermont is occupied by the Green Mountains. It is not only the place where you can see the most beautiful autumn colors, also in the winter months nature is at its best. With cozy hotels, top museums and historic sites and overwhelming nature, Vermont is a state for both indoor and outdoor types. Vermont is also the home of Ben & Jerry’s sundaes and known for the ‘Old Sugar Maple’. A state where people still think according to the principle ‘small is beautiful’, because that is what the state is a bit. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in Vermont including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of Vermont. According to USPRIVATESCHOOLSFINDER.COM, Orange County, Vermont is a small, rural county located in the United States’ New England region. It is bordered by Washington County to the north and Caledonia County to the south. The county was established in 1781 and is named after William of Orange, who was then Prince of Orange. The early history of Orange County is closely tied to its agricultural roots. Its first settlers were mostly farmers and hunters who had come from Connecticut and Massachusetts in search of land for farming and hunting game. These early settlers settled in towns like Randolph, Brookfield, Chelsea, and Tunbridge which are still thriving today. During the 19th century, the county experienced an economic boom due to its close proximity to Vermont’s industrial centers such as Burlington and Montpelier. This allowed for increased manufacturing opportunities as well as increased trade with neighboring states such as New York. As a result of this economic growth, many towns experienced population booms during this period which led to an influx of new businesses and services into the area. Today, Orange County continues to be a rural area known for its agricultural production such as dairy farming and maple syrup production. It is also home to many small businesses including craft breweries, wineries, artisanal cheese makers, maple syrup producers, bakeries, restaurants, antique shops and more. Despite its rural nature, Orange County has several larger cities such as Montpelier that offer residents access to cultural events such as concerts at the Barre Opera House or outdoor activities like skiing at Sugarbush Resort or golfing at Lake Elmore State Park. Additionally, it has some of Vermont’s most beautiful landscapes with mountains reaching elevations over 4500 feet that provide breathtaking views throughout the year. Overall, Orange County is a great place for those looking for a peaceful retreat from city life while still having access to some cultural activities nearby. With its beautiful scenery and friendly people it offers residents an ideal place to call home with plenty of opportunities for growth both professionally and personally. Orange County, Vermont is home to several school districts across the county. Most students attend schools within the Orange North Supervisory Union which includes schools in Randolph, Brookfield, Chelsea, and Tunbridge. The Orange North Supervisory Union is comprised of three elementary schools and two high schools. Randolph Union High School is the largest high school in the county with an enrollment of over 500 students. It offers a comprehensive education program that includes college preparatory courses as well as electives such as art, music, foreign language and career-oriented courses. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and student organizations for students to get involved in outside of the classroom. Brookfield Elementary School is a small rural elementary school located in Brookfield with an enrollment of around 200 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. It provides an innovative curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning experiences and encourages creativity among its students. The school also has a strong emphasis on music education with weekly lessons for all grade levels as well as several student choirs throughout the year. Chelsea Elementary School serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade and it has an enrollment of around 350 students. This school has a strong focus on language arts instruction with lessons that incorporate literature, writing and grammar skills into each lesson plan. Additionally, Chelsea Elementary School has a robust art program where students can explore their creativity through various mediums such as painting, drawing and sculpture among others. Tunbridge Central School serves grades six through eight with an enrollment of approximately 150 students from across Tunbridge and surrounding townships. The curriculum at Tunbridge Central School emphasizes problem solving skills which are used to explore various topics related to science, math, social studies and English language arts instruction. Additionally, there are many extracurricular activities available at this school such as sports teams, student clubs and after-school programs for all grade levels to get involved in outside of the classroom setting. Overall, Orange County is home to several excellent educational opportunities for its residents ranging from small rural elementary schools like Brookfield Elementary School to larger high schools like Randolph Union High School that offer more comprehensive curriculums that prepare their graduates for college or other postsecondary educational pursuits after graduation. 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