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Capital: Cheyenne
Nickname: The Equality State
Inhabitants: 586,000
Largest city: Cheyenne
Airport: (JAC) Jackson Hole
Fun Fact: Wyoming was the first state to vote for women.
About Wyoming
With a population of about 700,000, Wyoming is the least populous state in America. Logical because the state largely consists of prairies and empty plains with an area that is about six to seven times larger than the Netherlands. You can still feel the raw Western atmosphere with dinosaur tracks and the cowboy culture is still alive. Nature is therefore the main reason to travel to Wyoming. With colossal mountain ranges, geysers, not to mention the enormous diversity of wildlife, you can’t help but put Wyoming on your list. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in Wyoming including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of Wyoming. According to USPRIVATESCHOOLSFINDER.COM, Weston County is located in the northeast corner of Wyoming and is part of the Black Hills region. It was organized in 1890 and originally consisted of much of what is now Crook County, as well as all of Weston County. The first settlers to this area were miners who were searching for gold and other minerals. The county was named after Henry W. Weston, who was a prominent early settler in the area. The first town established in Weston County was Newcastle, which served as a hub for gold mining operations. Other towns quickly followed suit, including Upton, Arminto, and Osage. These towns were primarily populated by miners who had come from all over the world to pursue their fortunes in the gold-rich region of Wyoming. The economy of Weston County has long been based on agriculture and ranching, with cattle being a primary source of income for many local families. In addition to this, coal mining also provided jobs for many people throughout the county’s history. In recent years, oil and gas production have become increasingly important to the economy of Weston County as well. Throughout its history, Weston County has been home to many different cultures and ethnicities who have helped shape its unique character over time. This includes Native Americans such as the Crow Nation, who originally inhabited the area before settlers arrived; immigrants from Europe; African Americans; Chinese immigrants; Mexicans; Basques; Scandinavians; and more recently Hispanic Americans from Central America and Mexico have made their homes here too. Weston County today is a vibrant community with an impressive array of recreational activities available for residents to enjoy year-round including fishing at Keyhole Reservoir or camping at Glendo State Park or Curt Gowdy State Park or exploring Devils Tower National Monument or nearby Yellowstone National Park or skiing at Snowy Range Ski Resort near Laramie WY. Its proximity to Cheyenne makes it an ideal place for those seeking both urban amenities and rural tranquility alike. The Weston County School District is a public school district located in the heart of Wyoming. It serves over 2,000 students across five schools: Newcastle Elementary School, Upton Elementary School, Arminto Middle School, Osage High School and Newcastle High School. The district is committed to providing a quality education for all its students and works hard to meet the needs of each individual student. The district offers various educational programs including special education services, gifted and talented programs as well as college preparatory courses. It also provides career and technical education courses in fields such as automotive technology, welding, construction and health services. In addition to these courses, the district also offers a variety of elective courses such as art, music and physical education. The school district strives to create an environment that is conducive to learning by providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for all its students. To this end it has implemented several initiatives such as anti-bullying campaigns and character-building activities. Additionally, it works closely with community organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Weston County to provide after-school activities for its students. The Weston County School District is dedicated to preparing its students for college or career paths by offering Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as concurrent college enrollment opportunities through local universities like Laramie County Community College or University of Wyoming at Laramie or Casper College in nearby Casper WY. Additionally, it offers many extracurricular activities ranging from athletics such as basketball and football to clubs like drama club or student government that allow students to explore their interests outside the classroom environment. Overall, the Weston County School District provides an excellent educational experience for all its students with high quality instruction that prepares them for future success after graduation whether they choose college or other career paths afterwards. Check topschoolsintheusa for high school codes in Wyoming.

Lander, Wyoming

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Lagrange, Wyoming

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Lagrange, Wyoming is located in Teton County, just south of Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton National Park. The city is situated at the base of the Teton Range and is surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. The terrain in Lagrange is mostly flat with some hills and valleys. The city itself lies… Read More »

Top Schools of Law in Wyoming

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University of Wyoming College of Law

The University of Wyoming College of Law was established in 1920, and is the only law school in the state. It is located on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, Wyoming. The College of Law has a long and distinguished history. Its founding dean, William “Billy” Barr, was a prominent lawyer and judge in… Read More »

Brief History of Wyoming

Population: 568.158 thousand people (2011) Area: 253348.0 sq. km According to citypopulationreview.com, Wyoming, the State of Equality, belongs to the group of so-called Mountain States. On the map, it looks like a regular rectangle, the boundaries of which are strictly limited by latitudes and meridians. In the language of the local tribes, “Wyoming” means “changeable… Read More »