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By | January 6, 2023

We have created a 2019 ranking of the best colleges in Delaware that offer Law degrees to help you find a school that fits your needs. Each school’s ranking is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. In addition, you can view our entire list of all law schools located within Delaware. We also provide reviews, facts, and questions and answers for schools on our site and offer you access to get valuable information from colleges and universities today.

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Widener University School of Law Wilmington, Delaware
Score N/A
Peer assessment score (5.0 highest) 2.0
Assessment score by lawyers/judges (5.0 highest) 2.5
25th-75th percentile GPA scores for all students 2.81-3.46
25th-75th percentile LSAT scores for all students 149-153
Overall acceptance rate 54.2%
Student/faculty ratio 19.0
Graduates employed at graduation 55.2%
Graduates known to be employed nine months after graduation 83.8%
School’s bar passage rate for first-time test takers 88.0%
State where the greatest number of first-time test takers took the bar PA
Statewide bar passage rate for first-time test takers 86.7%

Widener University School of Law

About Delaware

Delaware proudly bears the name “The First State” because in 1787 this state was the first to sign the United States Constitution. This was preceded by the American War of Independence, in which Delaware fought the British with the twelve other colonies.

How important the independence of Delaware is to their independence can be seen from the state’s motto: Liberty and Independence. Other important symbols of Delaware are the peach blossom (state flower), the blue hen (state bird) and the American holly (state tree).

Most cities in Delaware have retained their originality. Many houses are still from the colonial era, which gives the cities a nostalgic flair. In some places, visitors feel transported back in time.

Delaware: facts

  • Area: 6,447 sq km
  • Population: 897,934
  • Abbreviation: DE
  • Capital: Dover
  • Local time: GMT -4
  • Nickname: The First State

Delaware: geography

The second smallest state in the United States stretches 160 kilometers on the east coast of the United States. The capital is Dover. The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, rivers and picturesque coastal regions. The proximity to the Atlantic is reflected everywhere. Mountains are missing here, instead visitors will find endlessly long dream beaches and plenty of opportunities to unwind.

Neighboring states are Maryland (in the west and south) and Pennsylvania (in the north). Otherwise, the state extends along the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware River, which separates it from New Jersey. The highest point of the rather flat area is on the Ebright Azimuth near the Pennsylvania border at 137m.

Delaware is certainly not the right travel destination for climbers and hobby mountaineers, because the highest elevation at 137 meters is the Ebright Azimuth. The sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts will get their money’s worth. Around 1,400 square kilometers of the state are covered with water. In addition to the coastal regions, the state has huge forest areas in which the Indians once lived. Long walks are possible here and fun for the whole family. This makes the state a travel destination in the United States that can be visited all year round.

Delaware: climate and weather

The climate in Delaware is strongly influenced by the Atlantic and is therefore quite temperate. The winters here are not as cold as in the northern states, but the summers can be hot and humid. The seasons are clearly recognizable. Attractive seaside resorts on the coast are ideal for a trip in summer. Every now and then the state can be hit by hurricanes.

Attractions in Delaware

The attractions of Delaware consist mainly of historical buildings.

Amstel House

This mansion is located in New Castle and is one of the few buildings that dates back to the colonial period. It was built in 1730 by Dr. John Finney, who was the richest man in town. It is equipped with original woodwork, special architectural details and an open fireplace. The house has often changed owners over time. Today it is a house museum with many Dutch antiques from the colonial period.

Delaware History Museum

This museum is located in Wilmington and is home to many exhibits from the eventful history of the state. It is probably the best known and most important attraction in Delaware.

Delaware History Trail

From the Brandywine Valley to the Atlantic coast, visitors can step back in time on the Delaware History Trail. The trail leads through the most famous places in the state and shows the history that has shaped the state over time. Here, visitors come across special estates and interesting museums that provide an insight into the colonial era.

Fort Christina Park

Visitors to Wilmington can visit the place where the Swedish colonists arrived in 1638. This place is a point of contact for anyone who wants to inquire about colonization, because this is where the beginnings of Delaware can be seen.

Fort Delaware State Park

Fort Delaware State Park is on Pea Patch Island. This former fort was built in 1815 to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. After it was burned down, it was rebuilt before the civil war. It served as a prison camp during the war. This building is in very good shape and can still be visited today. A special spectacle is the costumed representation of history, through which this era comes to life again. The State Park can only be reached by ferry.

Rockford Park

This park, which tourists love to visit, is located in Wilmington. The center is the Rockfort Tower, a water tower made of stones. From here, visitors can enjoy an incredible panorama of the area. Those seeking peace and quiet will find a place here to relax and unwind, and even walkers can take walks in peace.

The Winterthur Museum and Country Estate

This museum is located in Winterthur near Greenville. This impressive structure houses one of the most important collections in American history. The site is divided into three sections. It consists of the main house, a research building and several galleries. Around 85,000 artifacts are built here and the garden, designed with love, is a special highlight. There is also a small stone house here. The entire site has been recognized as a U.S. Historic District.

Beach resorts, events and NASCAR races

Beach resorts such as Bethany, Dewey, Fenwick Island, Lewes and Rehoboth Beach are ideal for a trip in sunny summer and as a summer retreat. Rehoboth Beach is also known as The Nation’s Summer Capital. Here you will find beautiful beaches and riverside promenades. There are also several events throughout the year such as the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, the Sea Witch Halloween Festival Beach and the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival.

Bathing enthusiasts and beach lovers, but also surfers and anglers will feel comfortable in Delaware and its nature. You can also go on whale watching excursions from Lewes. The Zwaanendael Museum and the historical center are also worth seeing.

Near Smyrna you should have the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge with salt marshes and tidal zones.

Dover, the affluent capital in central Delaware, captivates with a well-kept town center and numerous pretty historic buildings. At the Dover International Speedway you can watch the famous NASCAR race. The Sewell C. Biggs Museum of American Art and the Delaware State Museum are also worth a visit.

Those interested in culture and ballet should visit the Schwartz Center for the Arts in the city. Flea market fans should check out the New Castle Farmers Market. Here you can buy both agricultural products and antiques. In the region around New Castle you will also find the First State National Monument with the Dover Green, the New Castel Green and the New Castle Court House Museum as well as the Sheriff´s House and the Woodlawn Tract.

The largest city, Wilmington, is already a coveted suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here, with the Delaware Art Museum and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, art lovers will find a highlight of the American east coast. The Children’s Museum, the Center for Horticulture and the Brandywine Zoo are also worth seeing.

When you’re in town, take a trip to the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate or Mount Cuba Center Botanical Gardens.