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By | January 17, 2022

According to Diseaseslearning, Turkey lies in both Eastern Europe as well as in Asia and is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. The capital is Ankara. The country borders on the northeast Black sea and Georgia, on the east by Armenia to Iran, to the southeast by the Iraq, south to Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, to the west by the Aegean Sea and the northwest by Greece and Bulgaria. Anatolia covers 97 percent of the country and is located on a peninsula. The Pontic mountain range in the north and the Taurus mountain range in the south enclose the central plateau of Anatolia and then merge into the mountainous area in eastern Turkey. The rivers Euphrates and Tigris have their source here.

There are picturesque vacation spots and important archaeological sites on the beautiful coast. The remains of the legendary Homeric Troy were found here. Cesme with excellent beaches, a 15th century fortress and thermal springs is just one of the many vacation spots in the region.

The section between the province of Antalya and Cape Anamur is known as the Turkish Riviera. The Turkish Riviera is a much-visited destination for package tours and is increasingly being served by airlines for cheap flights to Turkey. Numerous summer vacationers come to this region to enjoy the wonderful landscapes. The metropolis of Istanbul, but also the cities of Antalya and Alanya, are of particular interest to travelers and holidaymakers.

As a water park, Turkey is the ideal place to spend a few wonderful days by the sea and in the country’s coastal regions. There are significantly more than 200 Turkish beaches that are marked with the so-called blue flag. This award is the highest award a beach can achieve. The assessment includes water quality, cleanliness and the existing standards of the beach. Bodrum

is an insider tip for bathers. There is a colorful nightlife there and a stroll through the medieval crusader castle is worthwhile during the day.

Best travel time for Turkey

Spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) are the best times to visit Turkey. The weather conditions are then perfect for sightseeing in Istanbul and for swimming on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. In Central Anatolia it is cool, but not cold. If you travel before mid-June or after August, you can also avoid mosquitos.

If you ‘re traveling to Turkey for a beach vacation, the period between mid-May and September is perfect for the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. A vacation on the Black Sea coast is best to plan between April and September. It doesn’t rain that often during this time. The best time to travel to eastern Turkey is from the end of June to September, but not before May or after mid-October (snow, road closures and cold).

With the exception of Istanbul, Turkey hardly has a winter season. Most accommodations on the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas and in some parts of Cappadocia are closed from mid-October to late April. The high season runs from July to mid-September, when accommodation prices are highest.

From mid-June to the beginning of September, all Turkish coasts are overcrowded with holidaymakers.


Istanbul, port city on both sides of the Bosporus and on the Marmara Sea, with (2018) 14.67 million residents, the largest city and the economic and cultural center of Turkey.

The center of the city, Old Istanbul with the port (Golden Horn), lies on the European bank. The most important buildings are located here: the Hagia Sophia, numerous mosques (partly former churches and monasteries), the sultan’s palace, but also the narrow old town with countless shops. The newer districts are on the Asian side. Istanbul is the hub for traffic between Europe and the Middle East.

History: Istanbul goes back to the Greek colony Byzantion (Byzantium). The city, which was expanded to become the capital of the empire under Constantine I and renamed Constantinople in 330, was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire from 395 onwards (Byzantine Empire) and after the conquest by the Ottomans 1453–1923 of the Ottoman Empire or Turkey. In 1930 it was renamed Istanbul.

Travel to Turkey