What are the LSATs?

By | January 5, 2023

The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT is a standardized test developed and put into use in 1948 the test has gone through various revisions over the years, both in terms of content and scoring practice. LSAT utilized today by all American Bar Association-accredited law schools as a means of providing a more objective method, through which potential law students can be evaluated.

Test Composition

In its current incarnation is the LSAT consists of five sections, containing multiple choice questions. Four of these sections are scored; a fifth section includes experimental questions and is not scored, but will be used in the development of questions of future studies. Finally, there is an additional section with a written test, which is not scored. Four scored sections of the LSAT address logical thinking (two separate sections), analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Logical Thinking

Each of the two logical reasoning sections-includes a series of questions that illustrate a set of facts or an argument. After each question, you will be directed to identify a statement that would enhance or weaken the point argument identify a logical flaw in the argument, or identify the argument essential assumption. Although the question order is random, the questions tend to get far from the easiest to the most complex.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning section of the LSAT is often referred to as the game logic. The material in this section generally requires that you order, group, or match the various items presented. Each query has a setup that provides some basic information on the particular situation. You are taken to make certain deductions from the limited information.

Reading Comprehension

In recent years, this part of the study consists of three individual passages, each containing around 500 words. You are directed to identify the author’s main idea or theme, draw certain inferences from it material, describe how the passage is structured and identify certain specific pieces of information from the text. There are typically as many as eight questions for each passage.

There is an additional comparative reading section, providing different perspectives on a particular subject or something.

Writing Sample

Written test section of the LSAT is at the end of the study. You are presented with a particular problem, and two identified criteria for formulating a decision. You must select an option and write essay favors one of these criteria over the other. Controversial topics are avoided, so you are not likely to have a strong, preexisting bias towards the subject.


Different points systems and scales have been used with LSAT over the years. The current system runs 120-180, and the median score is approximately 151. When you apply the law, LSAT scores are automatically reported to this institution. Without knowing your score, you can cancel this report not later than six calendar days of the test.

Although the score from this particular test session will not be reported to any law school, a law school in which you are using in the future. You can take the LSAT multiple times, be advised that a test was taken on this date.