What is School?

By | January 5, 2023

What is School?

A school is generally called any center where teaching is provided, at any level of education: preschool, primary, secondary, preparatory, university.

The word, as such, comes from the Latin schola, and this in turn from the Greek σχολή (scholḗ), which translates ‘leisure’, ‘free time’.

The school is the institution where it is taught and learned. It is made up of a group of teachers and students. It can be public or private.

The building or premises where this institution is located, or the teaching that is given or acquired in a school, is also called a school.

School is also called the place, real or ideal, where a person shapes his personality, forges his character and lives enriching experiences. For example: “I went to the school of life.”

Traditional school

It is known as a traditional school that one that emerged in Europe in the 17th century and consolidated throughout the 19th century, as a consequence of liberal revolutions and as an expression of modernity. According to this concept, the school was the institution on which the responsibility of the instruction and the intellectual and moral training of the citizens fell.

The traditional school is one where a teacher gives lessons to students, in order for them to acquire knowledge through memorization and repetition methods. Today, the term traditional school is used as opposed to the modern school, which proposes more current methods for imparting knowledge. For example, a law school is a traditional school.

Classical school

A liberal doctrine of economics formulated by Adam Smith in his Causes and Consequences of the Wealth of Nations (1776), in which freedom of production and of the market is postulated, and the limitation of role is known as the classical school of the State in economic matters. This book is usually recognized as the capital work of economic liberalism.

School of thought

A school of thought is one that arises around a great teacher or ideological leader, whose followers share a series of conceptions of the world or of life, or are attached to certain currents of ideas or doctrines. For example: the structuralist school, the Frankfurt school, Platonic school, etc.

Artistic school

In art, but also in literature, schools are referred to in reference to a certain group of artists or works that share a certain style, conception or philosophy of art, that are expressed through their work, and that can be used as features characteristic of certain times, regions or works.

Normal school

The normal school, also called normal school, was the institution in which people who were preparing to be school teachers studied to graduate.