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Capital: Raleigh
Nickname: Tar Heel State
Inhabitants: 10.4 million
Largest city: Charlotte
Airport: (CLT) Charlotte/Douglas International
Fun Fact: North Carolina has over 300 breweries.
About North Carolina
North Carolina is one of the first 13 states of America, also known as the ’13 colonies’. The state is a mix of southern hospitality and a place where a lot of technical innovation takes place. With white sandy beaches on the east side and the Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains on the west, nature lovers are in the right place. Just like beer lovers. It is the state with the most breweries per capita in the American South. See mcat-test-centers for a list of 2-year colleges in North Carolina including private technical schools and public community colleges within the state of North Carolina.

Brief History of North Carolina

Population: 9 656.401 thousand people (2011) Area: 139509.0 sq. km According to citypopulationreview.com, North Carolina is a South Atlantic state located in the eastern United States. For thousands of years, Indian tribes belonging to the “Mississippian culture” lived in the state. Today you can see the Town Creek mound preserved from those times. By theā€¦ Read More »