Accredited Distance Learning Law Schools

By | January 5, 2023

Distance learning Law Schools, also known as Online Law Schools, is becoming more and more popular because of the flexibility they offer active students. Online law schools are not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), but the distance education and Training Council (DETC) accredit the top online law schools. DETC is recognized by the u.s. Department of Education as a national accrediting body for distance learning colleges. Students who wish to apply for an online law school must pass an online exam entry and has earned a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average from a DETC 3.0 or regionally accredited college.

Concord Law School

Concord Law School is ranked as the premier online law school. Concord Law School has been in existence since 1998, and they work in concordance with Kaplan Higher Education Group. Kaplan consists of several regionally and nationally accredited institutions of higher learning, working together to provide a high quality education. Concord is accredited by DETC and is also registered with the Bar Examiners Committee in California. Concord merged with Kaplan University in 2007 and was the first online law school to be regionally accredited. Concord offers a Juris Doctorate law degree and graduates are permitted to take the California bar exam, if they meet the conditions.

Taft Law School

Taft Law School is important because it is the oldest nationally accredited online law school in the United States Taft offers two types of learning modes for its online Juris Doctorate students. Telecommunications law students have set start and end the transfer dates, work in groups, and are obliged to interact with faculty on a regular basis. Independent Study students have open enrollment, is not obliged to study in groups or communicate with the faculty.

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law

ALU is accredited by DETC and recognized by the Council for higher education Accreditation. ALU candidates are awarded a Juris Doctor degree and is eligible to take the California Bar Exam. ALU is a small school located in downtown Los Angeles. A special feature of this school is that the local law school students may attend classes weeknights and Saturday. Online students access to their classes online and view live and archived lectures via the Internet.

California School of Law

CSL offers a Juris Doctorate to exam students. Candidates are able to sit for the California Bar Exam and graduates from CSL have also been allowed to sit in the other state bar exams after gaining experience as a practicing lawyer. CSL is accredited by DETC. Students participate in virtual classes two days a week and participate in live interactive classes, where students and professors debate the law.