Port Ghalib, Egypt

By | December 22, 2022

On January 15, 2009, the man-made Egyptian eco-resort of Port Ghalib officially opened its doors to vacationers. The ideal city for relaxation was designed by the world famous designers Francois Spoerry, EDAW and Sogreah. On a virgin piece of the Red Sea coast, the caring hands of the creators have built a unique oasis with luxurious alleys, pools, fountains, parks and modern infrastructure. At the same time, the architects have preserved the originality of Egyptian architecture, every facade, every step, every building relief breathes here with the ancient culture of a great civilization. Walking through the colorful oriental gardens, the guest of Port Ghalib forgets about the present, feeling the breath of amazing legends that permeate this region.

How to get there

According to cachedhealth.com, Port Ghalib is a five-minute drive from Marsa Alam, a 30-minute flight from Jeddah, 1 hour from Cairo, 4 hours from Europe. You can also get from Hurghada, it’s only 200 km, that is, 2-3 hours drive. Flight to Hurghada, then transfer about three hours, or flight to Marsa Alam, then transfer about 10 minutes.


There are only three large hotels on the territory of Port Ghalib: The Palace 5 *, The Sahara Sun Sands 5 * and The Sahara Sun Oasis 5 *.

Solvent people usually come to The Palace. The luxurious palace was erected in honor of the great love of the tailor Ghalib, the hero of a local legend, for his beautiful wife. From the many terraces and from the windows of the rooms, visitors can see a stunningly beautiful panoramic view of the coast, bordered by fragrant lush vegetation. The hotel apartments are the museum grandeur of the columns, intricate oriental motifs of the mosaic, the elegance of the interior, the gloss of the furniture. And above all this, a mystery hovers with the aroma of nutmeg and rose. Palace Hotel 5 * is positioned as a hotel of the level of the legendary Palace of the Lost City in Johannesburg.

The Sahara Sun Sands and The Sahara Sun Sands Oasis are as luxurious as their counterparts. Alleys of their parks and terraces of buildings occupied the coast with the largest artificial lagoon in the world. And again, Arabic motifs in the decoration of the rooms, the hospitality and scope of the Egyptian hosts, the freedom and unobtrusiveness of the atmosphere. The prices here are more democratic. Across the territory of the entire complex, slowly winding under bridges and arches, the Lazy River flows between fragrant gardens. There is also a mini-zoo and the territory of the Lulee children’s club, where young guests from 2 to 12 years old will be looked after.


The beaches of Port Ghalib are unique for their crystal clearness and picturesqueness. South Beach is considered family-friendly and swimming-friendly. East Beach is ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Entertainment and attractions in Port Ghalib

The epicenter of life in the once ordinary port town is the Corniche & Khan embankment, which is about a mile long. From the abundance of entertainment venues dazzles the eyes, from the dizzying aromas of numerous restaurants, a serious appetite is played out, and the diversity and nutmeg tart smells coming from the bazaar shops deprive the last doubts.

Almost all establishments of the resort work around the clock, and in boutiques of expensive clothes you can buy products that have just descended from the world’s catwalk collections of leading couturiers.

As entertainment: the recently built dive center “Imperator”, a large gym, a kids club, a spa center, as well as many options for outdoor activities – tennis, mini-golf, water sports, horseback riding and camel riding. Plus, shopping in the shopping gallery, where more than 150 stores are located. In addition, Port Ghalib is located in a convenient proximity to Luxor, Edfu, Aswan, which will allow you to get acquainted with the beauties of Ancient Egypt at any time.

3 things to do in Port Ghalib

  1. Lounging in a sun lounger on the shores of the radiant lagoon, taste the “Pharaoh’s tea” – an iced tea made from dried Sudanese rose petals.
  2. Take a ride around the resort on a Segway: an unforgettable experience as you fly through the cobbled streets and boulevards of the sparkling new town into the sea breeze.
  3. Arrange a night date for the second half on a boat, cutting the lunar path on the sea surface with an oar.

Port Ghalib for business

Port Ghalib is interesting not only for ordinary tourists, its beauties are conducive to the efficient work of businessmen, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, the presentations of which will be comfortably held at the International Conference Center. Incidentally, the first corporate company to successfully renovate the halls of this center in January 2008 was Chrysler, which organized a presentation of the new Jeep Cherokee here.

Port Ghalib, Egypt