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Monte Carlo, France

“At a distance of one hour from Nice is the famous Monaco; there is a place called Monte Carlo where they play roulette… Never before have I seen so much gold and silver.” A.P. Chekhov In 1886, during the reign of Prince Charles III, around the Casino, which became famous throughout Europe, Monte Carlo was… Read More »

France Arts in 19th and 20th Centuries

ART. THE NINETEENTH CENTURY With the Empire and the Restoration, Neoclassicism acquired an academic and “reconstruction” character (Vaudoyer, B. Vignon, P.-F.-L. Fontaine, Ch. Percier), paving the way for the emergence of the Neo – Gothic (E. -E. Viollet-le-Duc), of the Neo-Renaissance and finally of the eclecticism of the Second Empire (Opéra, by J.-L.-Ch. Garnier, 1861-74).… Read More »

Traveling in France

Airplane: all major cities in France have their own airport. Air France operates most of the domestic flight and offers flights between Paris and Marseille and between Nice and Toulouse. The biggest competitor for domestic air traffic is the TGV, which sometimes offers faster connections, for example between Paris and Marseille or Lyon. Information and… Read More »

Attractions in Paris

According to Abbreviation Finder, Paris is the capital city of France. The French capital is an eldorado for those interested in culture and history, at the same time as it is very interesting to see here. We will now take a closer look at everything from the most obvious tourist attractions to more hidden gems.… Read More »