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Top Law Schools in Oceania

Oceania is the smallest continent on Earth, with an area of ​​8,526,462 square kilometers. This portion of the globe is the second least inhabited on the planet – only Antarctica has a smaller population. The total population of Oceania is approximately 36.6 million residents, corresponding to 0.5% of the world population. The demographic density (relative… Read More »

Australia in 1970’s and 1980’s

The early political elections of December 1975 confirmed the serious Labor crisis (whose seats in the House of Representatives dropped drastically, from 65 to 36), while they marked the success of M. Fraser’s liberals (from 41 to 68 seats) and the resumption of the national agrarians led by D. Anthony (from 21 to 23). Head… Read More »

New Zealand Country Overview

According to Internetsailors, New Zealand is a parliamentary monarchy in the southwestern Pacific. The government and parliament are located in the capital Wellington. The island nation covers an area of ​​269,000 km 2, the North Island, the South Island and around 700 smaller islets. The mild climate gave rise to diverse forms of vegetation with… Read More »

Kiribati Environment and Economy

ENVIRONMENT The atolls are made up of coral rock and have scarce vegetation: the forests cover only 2.7% of the territory; the terrestrial fauna includes birds and a few mammals while the marine fauna includes a great variety of fish. The traditional customs and habits of the residents relating to the disposal of waste in… Read More »

Study Brewing Abroad

What does Germany belong to? Many people from other countries think of fast cars, dirndls, the Oktoberfest – and of course good German beer. Most of them know at least the latter firsthand: More than 1.5 billion liters of beer are exported abroad by German breweries every year. The Germans themselves drink almost eight billion… Read More »