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Top Law Schools in Africa

Among the natural aspects of Africa, the climate and vegetation stand out, which receive a great influence of the latitude variations. The African continent is recognized for its vast territorial area, in addition to a geographical position that makes this continent the only one to be located in all terrestrial hemispheres. The Equator, the main… Read More »

Port Ghalib, Egypt

On January 15, 2009, the man-made Egyptian eco-resort of Port Ghalib officially opened its doors to vacationers. The ideal city for relaxation was designed by the world famous designers Francois Spoerry, EDAW and Sogreah. On a virgin piece of the Red Sea coast, the caring hands of the creators have built a unique oasis with… Read More »

Sights of Namibia

Who hasn’t heard about the mysterious Skeleton Coast from movies and books? Yes, yes, it is located in Namibia and is perhaps the most popular attraction in the country. According to ancient legends, numerous chests of gold and diamonds are buried under the colored sands of the Skeleton Coast, in search of which dozens of… Read More »

Kasbah Tamadot and Essaouira, Morocco

Kasbah Tamadot – Exclusive resort in the Atlas Mountains Kasbah Tamadot is Richard Branson’s magical retreat in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. This is a 28-room hotel overlooking Mount Toubkal, located at the very top of a mountain valley above a few Berber villages. As you look around, you will be delighted and amazed by the… Read More »

Egypt Prehistory

The news about the earliest times are not too abundant, but thanks to systematic research they have become more precise in recent years. It seems that, until the Pleistocene, the equatorial Nile was held back by strong rocky barriers, forming another system with large lakes. The frequent upheavals of the ground, which are characteristic of… Read More »

Ethiopia Finance and Economy

Finances. – The organization and direction of the state finances are entrusted to Western consultants; the State Bank (founded in 1942 and entered into operation in April 1943) presides over the discipline of the country’s economic and financial activity, headed by foreign executives, mostly from the USA. been and also functioning as an issuing institution,… Read More »

Tunisia Cinematography

Subjected to the French administration since 1883, the Tunisia, after very bitter contrasts, achieved independence in 1956. Subsequently, despite the difficulties with France, it has always maintained a policy of openness towards Europe, developing good relations also with the countries of the communist bloc. Unlike other Maghreb countries, cinema has had deep roots here and… Read More »

Algeria Defense and Security

Defense and security The country’s army, the Armée Nationale Populaire (NPC), traditionally exerts a strong influence on Algerian political life and is the largest in Africa, after the Egyptian one. It was only in the early 2000s that the president managed to reduce the power of the establishment military. Notably, since 2005, Bouteflika has directly… Read More »

Morocco Cities and Towns

Europeans give the name of Morocco to the western part of North Africa or Barbary from the name of the city of Morocco applied to the country as a whole; this name is not known by the natives who call the district Gharb (the West) or Maghreb el-Aksa (the extreme West). Politically Morocco is (see… Read More »

South Africa Children’s Encyclopedia

South African, Republic The land of diamonds and the difficult multiracial coexistence The end of apartheid returned the Republic of South Africa to an important international role. But the contradictions between rural and urban areas, between whites and blacks, between rich and poor, between the same diverse and numerous African ethnic groups do not facilitate… Read More »

Algeria Geography

According to topschoolsintheusa, Algeria is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean, to the south by Mali and Niger, to the east by Tunisia and Libya, to the west by Morocco and the Saharawi Republic and to the southwest by Mauritania and Mali. It has four regions: the coastal mountain range, called Atlas del Tell, the region of high plateaus before the Sahara, the Saharan Atlas mountain range and the Sahara… Read More »

Nigeria Economy

According to neovideogames, Nigeria occupies a prominent place among African states thanks to the vastness of its territory, the multiple agricultural and mineral resources (starting with oil) and the considerable demographic weight (it is by far the most populated country on the continent, a true and its “giant” of Africa). After independence, the Nigerian economy… Read More »

Travel to Zambia

Looking out over Victoria Falls is an incredible experience. The rainbow constantly appears in the cloud of water drops, and settles like a colorful footbridge of the water cascades. The deafening rumble propagates in the body like millions of trucks on an eight-lane highway. But there are no cars here. The Kololo people, who lived… Read More »

Tanzania Entry Requirement

Immigration, residence permit, permanent residence Any foreigner who wants to stay in Tanzania for investment, business, employment or other legal activity can apply for a residence permit or receive a passport. Initiation (registration) of the application HERE: Important information for applicants With the exception of retirees, applicants must always be an institution, company or employer registered… Read More »

Tanzania Human Geography

According to ejinhua, the population of Tanzania originated in very remote times: this appears confirmed by the existence in the country of an ethnic Khoisanide substratum (population similar to the Bushmen), today largely assimilated to the Bantu populations, largely predominant, but still represented by some small residual groups such as the sandawe (sandavi). According to… Read More »

Chad History

In November 1974, according to remzfamily, Tombalbaye decided to re-establish close cooperation with France. But a military putsch overthrew the civilian regime in 1975, killing Tombalbaye and handing power to Félix Malloum. He initiated a policy of national reconciliation, assigning to Hissène Habré (head of the Northern Armed Forces, which had split from Frolinat) the post… Read More »

Algeria History Timeline

According to Franciscogardening, Algeria is a country in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and bordering Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara and Morocco. Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria. The city is located in a bay by the Mediterranean. The city has 3 million. residents, which corresponds to 10% of… Read More »

Morocco History and Culture

HISTORY: FROM THE NINETEENTH CENTURY TO INDEPENDENCE His death was followed by another period of unrest, which ended with the accession to the throne of Mūlāy Sulayman or Sliman (1794-1822), who, overturning Muḥammad’s policy, closed Morocco to Europeans, whose diplomatic and consular agents were forced to reside in Tangier. The French conquest of Algeria (1830)… Read More »

Study Brewing Abroad

What does Germany belong to? Many people from other countries think of fast cars, dirndls, the Oktoberfest – and of course good German beer. Most of them know at least the latter firsthand: More than 1.5 billion liters of beer are exported abroad by German breweries every year. The Germans themselves drink almost eight billion… Read More »

Children Education in Niger

In Niger, half the population is under the age of 15 and many cannot read or write. The country also has the highest proportion of child marriages in the world – 76 percent of all girls are married before their eighteenth birthday. Niger, located in West Africa, held its first democratic elections in 1993, but… Read More »