Attractions in Kemer and Kusadasi, Turkey

By | January 18, 2022


About 40 kilometers southwest of Antalya is Kemer on the south coast of Turkey. This is a fishing village that had no road connection to Antalya, today it is very modern and has been developed as a tourist center. Kemer has become a small town in the region and has a large number of luxury hotels, holiday villages, restaurants and nightclubs. The water sports are almost unlimited and of course Kemer is a family-friendly bathing and swimming pool. With high mountains, sea and many ancient sites, the possibilities for excursions to the adjacent western Taurus Mountains are delightful. Beautiful hikes can also be undertaken along the Göynük River, which dries up in summer, but there are even more options for hikers and nature lovers.

In the city center of Kemer lies Liman Caddesi, Hafenstrasse, the main shopping street and at the same time the promenadecity. A walk on this street leads to the marina, to the south of which is Moonlight Park, where there are some nice places to stop for a break. A little further to the east of this is the Yörük Park on a headland. This is an open-air museum of ethnic nature, dedicated to the Yörük nomads. In the meantime these Taurus nomads have settled down. But also good and, above all, local food is offered in this park.

At the point where the former bus station located in Kemer, in centrally located Meydan, there are a variety of shops that sell carpets, leather goods and more.

A recurring spectacle is the Kemer Carnival, which is usually held in June.

Anyone who has settled in the city center of Kemer can reach everything relatively easily on foot. In somewhat more remote or outlying hotels or accommodations, the best way to travel is by dolmus, a minibus.

The Kemer region is formed by the places Kiri ?, Tekirova and Çamyuva, which lie south of the city of Kemer, together with the cities of Belbidi and Göynük to the north of it. The districts of Kemer are Kiris and Aslanbucak, the place Kuzdere has meanwhile also been incorporated. The best way to get into the mountains is via Kuzdere and Aslanbucak.

Not far from Kemer is Sakkl? Kent, a ski area that is around 1,800 meters above sea level and offers good snow conditions, especially in February. It can be reached from Kemer via Belbidi and Çak? Rlar, driving over around 1,000 switchbacks and crossing the Beyda? Lar? Mountains.

To explore the area, you can take an organized tour with a guide or set off on your own. The holiday village of Kemer and the surrounding area is certainly worth a visit.


According to Getzipcodes, the name of city means something like “bird island” and the name comes from a fortified rock island near the coast. This is connected to the mainland by a dam. There is also a small citadel that dates back to the 14th century.

Ku? Adas? In addition to the other attractions of Bodrum and Marmaris, it is located on the Turkish South Aegean Sea and is also the largest holiday destination in this region. Many cruise ships also come to the coastal town of Ku? Adas? past. In the past few years, Ku? Adas? to a holiday metropolis with the largest marina on the Turkish Aegean Sea. Many hotel complexes and holiday villages have been built and make the city a suitable place for a bathing or relaxing holiday in Turkey during the holiday season.

The harbor offers a multitude of excursion possibilities as well as an old caravanserai which dates back to the 17th century and today houses a small and charming hotel.. The old town of Ku? Adas? has a lot in terms of cultural history attractions to offer in beautiful surroundings. Sailors should also feel very comfortable in the area, it is a paradise for fans of sailing.

On the history of the city of Ku? Adas? It is worth noting that merchants from Genoa and Veneto founded a settlement here in the 13th century, called Scala Nova (“New Harbor”) and some remains of the former city wall can still be admired. The situation is different with the ancient Phygela, which used to be at the place where today Ku? Adas? lies. The name of the city came from the Ottomans, who gave it this name. It had good relations with Sámos and in 1923 it was a rather insignificant fishing village. When the first cruise ship docked here in the 1970s, the town woke up and slowly became today’s tourist center.

Many locals, especially from the area around Izmir, also like to go on a weekend trip to Ku? Adas? or into the well-known Çe? me.

Many organized tours are offered. For example in the places Didyma, Milet or Priene. A trip by ferry to Sámos is also a nice change from a stay in Ku? Adas ?.

On the Dilek peninsula, which is southwest of Ku? Adas? extends, there is the Dilek National Park. About a third of it is covered with pine forest. Wild boars, a variety of bird species and wild horses have found a home here. But some very beautiful beaches also attract sun worshipers and bathers.

Kusadasi, Turkey