Cities and Resorts in Turkey

By | July 14, 2022

Beldibi (Turkey)

The small resort town of Beldibi is located between Antalya and Kemer. It looks more like a traditional Turkish village and is suitable for a relaxing family holiday and for a secluded holiday for newlyweds. In the vicinity of Beldibi there are lemon and orange groves, so the local air is filled with citrus aromas. There is only one road in the city, which stretches along the beach, there are shops and restaurants on it. The beaches in Beldibi are small pebbles.

From the city you can go on an excursion to the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. It was founded in 700 BC. Phaselis has three harbours, and buildings from Roman times such as an amphitheater, fortification walls and several temples have been preserved here.

Bodrum (Turkey)

According to, Bodrum is located in southwestern Turkey on the Aegean coast. It was built on the ruins of the ancient ancient city of Halicarnassus. Back in the 4th century BC, King Mausolus declared Halicarnassus the capital of his state. Now, the ruins of a stone mausoleum, which was once one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, remind of his reign. At the entrance to the bay of the city stands Bodrum Castle or the medieval castle of St. Peter, which today houses the Museum of Underwater Archeology. The museum contains unique underwater finds of the Mediterranean.

The whole bay is full of various yachts, both private and offered for rent. Now the main place of congestion of tourists is Bodrum is a promenade surrounded by palm trees. The area is full of restaurants, bars and noisy discos, open all night long. Here is also the largest disco in Europe under the open sky – Halicarnassus Disco. Every night of the season until October, young people from all over the world party to the trendiest tunes.

Bodrum is considered one of the main entertainment centers in Turkey. The world elite loves to relax here in luxurious villas, however, in Bodrum there are offers for every taste – from luxurious hotels to modest boarding houses. The resort is also good for diving or surfing. Gumbert Bay has long been a place of pilgrimage for surfers. In October every year in the vicinity Bodrum hosts an international regatta.

Bolu (Turkey)

Bolu is a well-known ski center in Turkey. It is located in the northwestern part of the country near the Black Sea coast at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level.

The most popular skiing area – Kartalkaya – is located in the Koroglu mountains within the Koroglu National Park. The ski season lasts here from the end of December to the end of March. Tourists are offered 8 slopes of various difficulty levels, which are laid at altitudes from 1500 to 2200 m. The resort has 2 chair lifts and 6 drag lifts.

In Kartalkaya you can go snowboarding, there are ski and snowboard schools, and equipment rentals also work.

Dalaman (Turkey)

Dalaman is a small city on the southwestern coast of Turkey between Fethiye and Marmaris. It is the “gateway” to the country for many tourists arriving at the international airport located here.

Dalaman is located between the mountains and the sea, so it pleases the eye with its picturesque landscapes. As a place for a beach holiday, it is not very popular, as large and popular resorts are located nearby. However, it also has its own beach, which is very large and still remains “wild”. Also in this area there are several beautiful bays. The Botanical Gardens are a short walk from the business center of Dalaman. Gardens organically fit into the surrounding landscape, providing the luxury and convenience of a natural countryside recreation center.

In the Dalaman region, the river of the same name flows, along which rafting tours are organized. There are two rafting sections on the river – upper and lower, each about 12 km long. The upper section is quite difficult and people raft along it in the spring, during the flood. The lower section is much simpler, with only one threshold. Immediately after it is the village of Akkepryu with a rafting base.

Izmir (Turkey)

The most ancient settlements on the territory of Izmir appeared about 3 thousand years ago, the city was founded in the III century BC. Its first inhabitants were the Greeks, during which the city reached its greatest prosperity. Subsequently, Izmirwas conquered more than once. He was under the rule of the Lydians, Arabs, Seljuks, Turks, was part of the empire of Alexander the Great and the Byzantine Empire.

In 1922, the city almost completely burned out, but was rebuilt. Currently, Izmir, with a population of 4.6 million people, is the third largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. and Ankara. Many tourists come here every year. Above the whole city rises the Kadife Kale fortress, founded in the 4th century BC. one of the commanders of Alexander the Great.

On Agora Square, built back in the Hellenistic era, an ancient colonnade has been preserved on the western and northern sides. In the northern part of the square you can see the remains of a two-tiered basilica, 160m long. Items from the rich history of Izmir are kept in the Archaeological Museum. The exhibits found during the excavations of Ephesus, Pergamon and Miletus are also stored here. Every year the Cultural Park hosts the Izmir Fair, the largest in the Middle East, which attracts a huge number of local and foreign exhibiting companies.

Izmir (Turkey)